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Oct 20, 2007 12:20 PM

Two outstanding things you have bought recently in Calgary!

food or drink wise that is.........

I'll nominate

Roast Beef (sliced) from the deli counter at Sunterra up on west Market Square - stunning, medium rare proper roast beef which i had sliced quite thickly. Compared to the slimy, over spiced stuff elsewhere this was beautiful. Great in a simple sandwich with a smear of horseradish sauce!

Maple Syrup from the fridge at Community Natural Foods. Organic Dark No. 3 - gorgeous flavourful syrup that has been adorning my morning porridge for the last few weeks......

Interested to see what else you have been discovering in this great city recently!

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  1. Hojiblanca olive oil at Janice Beaton's. One of the best olive oils I've had, but doesn't cost a fortune.

    And the tomatoes I grew this year were amazing. I still have some in the pantry, ripening.

    1. Spolumbo's meatballs from Bon Ton Meat Market...and plum tomatoes from Gull Valley at the Farmer's Market. Together with some spaghetti, yum...

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        I do love Gull Valley's Toms - i also buy their tomato sauce in the jars & reduce the sauce down to make the best pizza sauce (with a touch of orgeano, basil, sea salt & black pepper)

        1. re: graemejw

          Gull Valley ROCKS. Also the organic basil around the corner -- I forget what they are called, but they sell cucumbers too. I made pesto with it this weekend and it was sublime .....

        2. re: irishgirl

          Thanks for the Spolumbo's at Bon Ton tip - picked some up & had it with spaghetti too. We used a homemade tomato sauce from Scarpones. Beautiful.

        3. Portugese egg tarts, sticky rice roll(filled with dry pork chinese doughnut and veggies) yum~!

          1. 1 # bbq pork and spicy deep fried tofu from T + T and sate rib sub from Thi Thi (oops that was 3!)

            1. (1) fig jam from Scarpone's
              (2) Pure Indulgent Food's Flats (star anise, apricot & pepper pecan) from Amaranth Whole Foods Market

              nice combination, even better with some Sylvan Star gouda but that would be #3 as well : )