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Two outstanding things you have bought recently in Calgary!

food or drink wise that is.........

I'll nominate

Roast Beef (sliced) from the deli counter at Sunterra up on west Market Square - stunning, medium rare proper roast beef which i had sliced quite thickly. Compared to the slimy, over spiced stuff elsewhere this was beautiful. Great in a simple sandwich with a smear of horseradish sauce!

Maple Syrup from the fridge at Community Natural Foods. Organic Dark No. 3 - gorgeous flavourful syrup that has been adorning my morning porridge for the last few weeks......

Interested to see what else you have been discovering in this great city recently!

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  1. Hojiblanca olive oil at Janice Beaton's. One of the best olive oils I've had, but doesn't cost a fortune.

    And the tomatoes I grew this year were amazing. I still have some in the pantry, ripening.

    1. Spolumbo's meatballs from Bon Ton Meat Market...and plum tomatoes from Gull Valley at the Farmer's Market. Together with some spaghetti, yum...

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        I do love Gull Valley's Toms - i also buy their tomato sauce in the jars & reduce the sauce down to make the best pizza sauce (with a touch of orgeano, basil, sea salt & black pepper)

        1. re: graemejw

          Gull Valley ROCKS. Also the organic basil around the corner -- I forget what they are called, but they sell cucumbers too. I made pesto with it this weekend and it was sublime .....

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          Thanks for the Spolumbo's at Bon Ton tip - picked some up & had it with spaghetti too. We used a homemade tomato sauce from Scarpones. Beautiful.

        3. Portugese egg tarts, sticky rice roll(filled with dry pork chinese doughnut and veggies) yum~!

          1. 1 # bbq pork and spicy deep fried tofu from T + T and sate rib sub from Thi Thi (oops that was 3!)

            1. (1) fig jam from Scarpone's
              (2) Pure Indulgent Food's Flats (star anise, apricot & pepper pecan) from Amaranth Whole Foods Market

              nice combination, even better with some Sylvan Star gouda but that would be #3 as well : )

              1. Figs from Lina's. This was a couple of weeks ago.
                Liberty mocha yogurt from Safeway. I picked it up by mistake but it's GOOD.

                1. I bought Cauliflower Mushrooms at Mercato, which we used in a mushroom frittata this morning...and I bought a pumpkin tart at the farmers market.

                  1. 1. 3-year-aged cheddar from Sylvan Star cheese; 2. champagne grapes from a vendor at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside farmer's market

                    1. Cinnamon swirl bread from Hunterhorn Bakery - mmmm cinnamon bun taste without all the guilt ;-) made an amazing baked french toast with it on the weekend...and Bothwell's Quail's Gate OVF aged cheddar...found at Costco of all places. The cheese purchase was part nostalgia...we tasted Quail's Gate OVF at the winery on our last visit to Kelowna. Tasty aged cheddar and the red wine flavour really comes through.

                      I'd also second (or third?) the nomination for Gull Valley tomatoes. There's just nothing like them in the grocery chains.

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                        Cinnamon Pizza from Coco Brooks and lamb chops from Bon Ton. I had no idea they had Spolumbos' meatballs, I'll check when I go this weekend.

                      2. Bles-Wold yogurt available at Co-op; they have it at Sunterra, but it's more expensive. The organic unfiltered Quebec maple syrup from Costco. It's sold out at our Costco, so I'm on the hunt for more ... All the organic apples at Blush Lane at the farmer's market -- especially the organic ambrosias, yum yum!

                        1. Mexican Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Crisp Nuts both at Calgary Farmers Market (the former at the gelato place and the later at the nut one) and both full of cinnamony goodness. Yum.

                          1. I had some roast bison like that from a place in the Calgary Farmer's Market. Fantastic, not slimy, pinkish in the middle.

                            1. Pretzle buns fron Rustic Sourdough bakery. Eat with dijon and Sylvan Star Gouda. Also loved the 12 year old Sherry balsamic style vinegar from Cookbook Co. I try to find reasons to eat it.

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                                Lol. I have that Sherry Vinegar as well, but in the 20 and the 12. Great stuff.

                              2. 1. Those pecan turtle things (pecans, caramel, chocolate) at the shortbread place at the CFM. $3 for one, but $30 for a dozen- it is sooooo tempting...

                                2. I was AMAZED by the ciabatta we picked up at Lina's today- it was freshly baked (I didn't know Lina's had a bakery) and MAN did that make some good sandwiches.

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                                  Ancient Grain bread from Sunterra at WestMarket- dense, grainy & with a lovely slightly sour flavour - thi scould be my favourite bread in CGY right now!

                                  Brie de Meaux from the Bison Deli in Banff (OK not strictly Calgary) - smells like the sweatiest ski socks around, tastes divine!

                                  1. re: graemejw

                                    I love Brie de Meaux as well. Thankfully, they carry it at Janice Beaton on 17th. Banff is a long way to drive!

                                  2. re: John Manzo

                                    Ooooh I've had those pecan caramel shortbread cookies so good they ought to be illegal! I was just online tonight to see if I could find a recipe. $3/per is a bit too dear.

                                    Lina's makes lots of interesting treats in their bakery. I quite like their ciabatta; and their cannolies are pretty good too...something else I want to learn to make myself- not because Lina's is pricey but so I can get my cannoli fix without the drive :)

                                    1. re: maplesugar

                                      I also like the fennel seed twisted circles - almost like pretzels- from Lina's in the bulk bins by the bakery. This may just be me as the rest of the family doesn't.

                                  3. One of my favorites here in CAlgary is the rice cakes they sell at the store beside the Korean store beside Community Foods. Some of their rice cakes are better tahn the ones you can get in Vancouver (where there are many such bakeries). I buy the fresh rice cake ovals for korean soup. THey sometimes also make them out of brown rice and pumpkin. Their selection always changes as well, which makes for nice surprises.

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                                    1. re: alex8alot

                                      Fresh duk in Calgary at last!! Finally, I can make proper duk-guk.

                                      1. re: Shazam

                                        actually shazam that place has been open for a couple of years!

                                    2. Coastal Lemon Avocado Oil by Pacifica Culinaria from Cookbook Company.

                                      Orange, yellow & cocktail tomatoes from Gull Valley.

                                      Slice tomatoes, trickle avocado oil over tomatoes, finish with Maldon coarse sea salt and cracked pepper. Heaven in northwest Calgary (or at least in my block!)

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                                      1. re: ybnormal

                                        Cocktail tomatoes from Gull Valley
                                        and Selezione Balsamic Vinegar terrific product great price $9.99 purchased from A Touch of Italy (Bridgeland) with a good dollop of olive oil and plenty of black pepper and coarse sea salt - this salad served with bread and wine ..- all is good with the world - if you haven't been to ATOI give it a try it's a lovely place to shop - outstanding personal service

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                                          Oh, for everyone's FYI, this weekend is the last weekend for Gull Valley until the spring. I know im heading over there tomorrow!

                                          1. re: yen

                                            crap!! I was just wondering about that. You had better not get there after me... :)

                                            1. re: alex8alot

                                              I have a hockey game in the morning, so im guessing i'll be there after you. Im doomed :(

                                      2. Bought some bread at the new Cobb location at the stadium shopping centre - can't remember what the loaf was called now, but it's peppered with fruit - raisins, currants, and peach? Not sure now, gobbled it all down that afternoon.

                                        Also the meatballs from Bon Ton.

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                                          Stadium Shopping Centre? Cool, finally a convenient location for me (coming home from U of C)- will check it out, thanks for the news!

                                        2. the potatoes at the new Koryo BBQ Sunridge Location! omg the bbq sauce is s creamy and delish! Nom!

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                                            The Gourmet Pate from Valbella's Factory Shop here in Canmore - pork/chicken liver/apple not an artificial additive in sight. Teamed up beautifully with one of CostCo's excellent artisan baguettes which has been lurking in my freezer for months!

                                            We really are lucky out here in Canmore to have so many great foodie places at our fingertips. I see Gilchrist names 3 of our restos in his pick of 2007 (Crazyweed, Mine & Trough) - add to this largely unheralded gems like Gourmet Croissant, Communitea, the fabulous Mountain Mercato & our favourite spot The Rocky Mountain Flatbread.

                                            Can't wait to see what 2008 brings Canmore on the dining/grocery front.