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Oct 20, 2007 12:19 PM

Casual (Lunch) First Date - DUMBO Vic.

I'm going on a date with a girl who recently moved to NY and thought a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow - with what's supposed to be perfect weather - would make for a fun experience. I live nearby in BK Heights but we'll be walking over from City Hall, thought it would be fun to walk around DUMBO too but I want to make sure I have a solid lunch idea.

Was thinking Hecho en Dumbo, tasty small plates and good drinks if we're in the mood. Never been to Superfine, do they even have a lunch menu? Another idea I had was to pick up something at Foragers and eat by BK Bridge Park. I don't think Rice is anything special, but they do have outside seating at least. Anything else?

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  1. Sorry you did not get any replies before your date! You probably learned that Hecho en Dumbo is not open for lunch (nor is Five Front). But I think that Grimaldi's, Superfine and Rice are all open for lunch -- as well as River Cafe, if you have millions!

    Where did you end up?

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      Ya I was trying to think of everwyehre I've been in DUMBO and theyre either not open for lunch, or not very good. We walked down to Smith Street instead.