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Oct 20, 2007 12:04 PM

Choosing between 2 northend places for anniversary...

Anniversary dinner tonight...which is better, Vinoteca de Monica or Marcos?? We don't care about fancy, just a nice ambiance, good food etc. Opinions welcome.

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  1. Marco and Vinoteca di Monica are both well worth going to (with the former having the more romantic atmosphere and arguably better food), though I'd personally opt for Mamma Maria or Prezza, with Mamma Maria having a more romantic feel.

    1. I think Marco's food is more interesting and slightly better than Monica's - but Marco is not a quiet room and Monica's is somewhat more quiet if that makes a difference. Marco has always turned great dishes at relatively reasonable prices.

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        Interestingly enough, I've found Marco a quieter place than VdM. Perhaps that's a function of when one goes?

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          You may very well be right. When I have gone, it has usually been on a Friday night which is "prime time" in the North End and the place has always been full. If you caught it on a night when not all the tables are occupied, I agree that it would be a much quieter place. Plus if you can score a table by the windows in the front it is really a very nice upper level view of Hanover Street. I have always found it to be a cut above most Northend places with the exception of the standouts like Prezza, Antico Forno and Neptune Oysters.

      2. I love Monica's market, but I have always been very disappointed with the food at the restaurants. I think it is very overpriced, under seasoned and uninteresting. Marco, on the other hand I have no complaints about. I think the food is different from your average NE spot, affordable for what you get and very tasty. I don't think you can go wrong with Marco.