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Oct 20, 2007 11:55 AM

Congee downtown and East end?

I'm a big fan of Congee Wong north of the core, but I live downtown and spend a lot of time in the Beaches area.

Does anyone know where to get good congee down here?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Not really downtown, but Congee Star on Don Mills and Eglinton and Congee Queen on Lawrence between Leslie and Don Mills are very similar to Congee Wong.

      1. re: c_snapper

        I've eaten congee all over the place and have to agree that King's Noodle in Chinatown on Spadina is just amazing tasting congee. It's definitely the best sliced fish congee I've had anywhere in the GTA.

        Seafood, chicken, beef and other assorted congee are excellent there also!!! ;)

        1. re: YummyYummy

          Do they have a plain or veggie congee?

          1. re: piccola

            plain congee is ALWAYS available, so if that's your style, you'll be fine.

            i'm not sure about the veggie option tho.

            1. re: piccola

              something like a corn congee? yeah, i remember reading on their menu that they have a corn congee at king's.

              1. re: jennjen18

                Not sure re: corn. I'm thinking of what I had all the time in NYC - congee with Chinese greens, seasonal veg and gingko nuts. I'm not set on the veg combination, as long as there's no meat.

                Worst case scenario, I can get the plain stuff and order veggies on the side.

        2. Haven't been to King's Noodle yet, but I've been pretty happy with the seafood or sliced fish congees at New Sky on Spadina (tonight I had the beef, which was less successful). Also, Chinese Traditional Buns on Dundas W does a solid millet congee, if you crave a change.

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          1. re: doro

            Millet congee? That sounds awesome. Thanks for the tip!

            1. re: piccola

              Sure thing. I think the millet is generally served with bits of beef or pork, so if you want veggie be sure to ask.

          2. Here is a topic from last year about congee in Gerrard/Broadview, but not very helpful, as the one I recommended is no longer there!


            1. I live in Chinatown and have tried a lot of them. My favourite is House of Gourmet north side of Dundas, east of Spadina. Seafood is my favourite - followed by wonton congee because HoG has the tenderest wontons in Chinatown IMO. The other congee that I like is at Goldstone Noodle south of Dundas, west side of Spadina -- similar menu to King Noodle but I think they do a better job. Goldstone hands down has the least greasy most fresh Chinese donut for dipping in the congee and also sells a side order of salted peanut to throw in. Ask for chili oil if you like it with a kick.

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              1. re: Calam1ty

                I agree with House of their congee and great Chinese donut....