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Oct 20, 2007 11:29 AM

ogunquit tomorrow for 3 days

hey ill be in ogunquit tomorrow, and was wondering what are the current not-misses that are open this time of year...i haven't been in about 5 years, so i am in need of new info i imagine. bob's & the ogunquit lobster pound are always must-dos w/ my family, and i would like some good and decently priced lunch recs. any new places to try that are not ethnic (my dad and grandmother are not too adventurous!). we will be staying in perkins cove, so if we can walk there, that would be great. also, i'd like to drive up to freeport and hopefully portland as well since ive never been north of kennebunk, so any recs you have for those places are welcome as well! thanks in advance

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  1. MC Perkins Cove (in Perkins Cove) is very good- but I like their bar menu better than their regular menu- you can ask for it at a table. And, do not order the duck. The cockles appetizer is wonderful. Fish tacos excellent as is the kobe burger. Nice fish preparations and other grilled items- steak etc. This is owned by Arrows owners but much more casual and less expensive. The view of the ocean is fabulous. Don't know if stairs are a problem for grandma but there is an outside lift to the left of the stairs (not obvious). Reservations are a good idea.

    98 Provence is good if you like french preparation. A little on the heavy side. nice but no view of the ocean.

    Not sure if Og lobster pound is open at this time- you need to call.

    Bob's Clam Hut is open. If you prefer to sit down rather than eat in the car in the cold you can go to Robert's Maine Grill- on the other side of the road from Bob's-same owner. Is a new sit down restaurant. Not fabulous but I assume the fried clams are the same as at Bob's. Pleasant place with ok seafood.

    If you want to eat in Kennebunkport, there is Hurricane ( MC is where Hurricane used to be in Perkins Cove) just over the bridge. A really nice place for dinner is Bandaloop- casual but very nice food.

    Search this board for Portland and you will find many many discussions.
    Hope you enjoy yourself! Ogunquit is beautiful anytime of the year.

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      Hope you enjoy it and the weather is nice. There's no better place to spend a few days when the weather is nice. I will post you a couple of places in Ogunquit that are open. ( ( ( ( This should give you a few places to check out. Myself and my wife have been to all these places and found them to be Very nice. Each is a little different but all are good.

    2. Freeport:

      Harrasseeket Lunch & Lobster is probably closed. Ask in town.

      Good casual, "upscale" at Broad Arrow Tavern (inside Harrasseeket Inn)...very broad menu from pizza/burgers to grilled meats/lobster.

      For a quick quality sand/salad try the Corsican.

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        Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster is closed. I was there on the last day (Columbus Day) and it was excellent as usual. I would strongly suggest making a detour to Gray,ME to go to Cole Farms. It's about a half hour drive inland from Freeport. I was in Maine over Columbus Day weekend and had my first taste, after many trips passing by, of The Maine Diner, Flo's Hot Dogs, and Cole Farms. Cole Farms was hands down my favorite. Flo's dogs should be tried by everyone at least once. I like them but I can see why some people would not. The Maine Diner was adequate good but not deserving of all praise I have seen heaped upon it over the years. Wife's lobster pie was not great, crab cakes were sub par, and prices are steep for diner food. However, my fish cakes and beans were very good and their corn muffins are top notch.