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Oct 20, 2007 11:22 AM

need a unique place to have 30th bday dinner

hey everyone, i need some assistance please. i will be turning 30 next week, and of course my original plan has fell through, so now i'm thinking dinner somewhere will have to do. i haven't been to NY in almost a year, so i don't know what's good and what's not; all i know is i would like a place that is different (maybe a halloween-type ambience), has fabulous food, and is not too hard on the wallet cuz there will be a good amount of drinking. type of food does not really matter, nor does location. i cant think of anything else at the moment, i just want it to be a really great, memorable meal (no lucky cheng's or lips though please!). btw, this is happening next friday and there will be about 6-10 of us...thanks in advance!

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