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Oct 20, 2007 10:47 AM

Where to buy lamb in Seattle

I have been advised by my doctor to incorporate more lamb into my diet. Does anyone know where a good butcher for lamb is located in Seattle? I'm looking for chops, stew meat, even ground lamb. Any quick fix tips are also welcome.

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  1. joe & don's butcher shop and fero's meats (both in pike place market) sell a lot of lamb (fero's is halal and he also carries goat and buffalo/joe & don offer lamb cheeks which make the most wonderful stew) - both shops break down whole carcasses and offer cuts unavailable in supermarkets. both make their own lamb sausages; fero has several. for some wonderful reason, joe & don manage to sell fresh lamb racks as inexpensively as the ones in cryovac at costco.

    1. Better Meat is a great butcher. Call ahead and let them know what you need.
      305 NW 82nd St
      Seattle, WA 98117
      (206) 783-0570

      1. Seabreeze Farm at the Farmer's Markets (Ballard and u-Dist at least) carry lamb products and have a great north african lamb sausage.