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Oct 20, 2007 10:43 AM

Have You Seen "King Corn" yet? [Moved from Manhattan board]

"King Corn" hasn't opened in San Francisco yet, but I was hoping to take a group of eleven year olds to see it. I don't know all the kids that well, and so am a bit worried about any kind of slaughter scenes. I know the feedlot scenes are disturbing (as they should be) but is there anything I should know about before going to the fllm?


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  1. I saw the movie at its premiere here in Austin and, to the best of my memory, there were no particularly disturbing scenes, apart from the feedlot cow with the hole cut into its side so that the vets could monitor its infection level from eating corn. But even that wasn't gross, visually, just high on the ick factor.

    As a parent and a concerned eater, I found the movie fascinating. I wonder how receptive a group of 11-year-olds will be to it -- it's not exactly a thrill a minute.

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      Thank you so much--this was the kind of helpful information I'd hoped to find. My son's class has done some thinking about sustatinable eating, and I'm taking him and any kid who wants to go. Apparently An Inconvenient Truth is a big movie for them, so maybe they're wise to the ways of documentary.

    2. Do we know when it opens nationwide? I'm from Chicago and I don't think it's here yet but I could be wrong. The trailer looks awesome - it'll be the new Supersize Me for sure!

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        I don't know that there's a real nationwide opening, but the website ( says that it will be playing in Chicago starting Nov. 9.

      2. I watched King Corn last Summer, 2014. I really liked the movie it was really upbeat, and had cool music that I can still remember. I agree with bookgrrl72's review about the disturbing scenes.

        I found King Corn to be relaxing, entertaining, and educational. I liked how the authors had a sense of whimsy. King Corn is unlike, We Feed the World, Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 days, and Healing Cancer from Inside Out, which are an emotional roller coaster which will leave you drained afterwards.

        With its whimsical way King Corn portrays accurately that we need to be careful what we eat. Sure, a little bit of High Frutcose Corn Syrup, HFCS, here and there isn't that bad. Yet, we don't want HFCS in everything.

        After watching King Corn I was convinced that grass fed beef was worth the extra money. Even better, buy your beef from local farmers where you can see what the cows are being fed. I also decided that eating all french fries diet although vegan, is a poor choice.

        I'm not sure if this was covered in King Corn One note about big farm beef raising. Just because a label says its grass fed, doesn't mean its the quality you want it to be.

        For example, a grass fed cow might still be fed a lot of corn, in addition to some grass. Never the less even a partially grass fed cow will yield superior meat then 100% industrial corn fed cow.

        Sames goes for dairy. If the cow is being fed crap corn, its not going to produce top quality milk. Therefore, organic milk and milk derivatives are worth the money and local dairy even more so.