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Oct 20, 2007 09:51 AM

Where to eat at Disney, can this group be happy?

So Mom is taking the daughter, son, daughter-in-law, grandson age 7 and granddaughter age 4 going on 7 for a long weekend.
Mom doesn't do well at theme restaurants, but the kids will love them. They are adventurous eaters (olives and mushrooms are favorite things) We want convience, easy with kids who though very good do have limits on the time they can sit still, maybe on nicer evening, but most of all edible and the least amount of fast food we can have.
What do people recommend?

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  1. Do you want to find a sit-down place or is "tray service" OK? Does it matter what park this will be at? My first two thoughts would be --

    Roam Epcot Food and Wine Festival. It'll keep the kids moving and you can sample a lot of foods in kid-sized portions. Of course, I don't know when you're coming and the festival wraps on November 11.

    Try Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's a beautiful resort and the Boma buffet has enough Asian and Indian dishes that you feel like you're trying something new while there's still chicken nuggets and mac and cheese if the kids wimp out on you. The buffet also has cooking stations, including one just for kids. Plus, you can walk the resort before the meal and see the animals that live there.

    I hope I helped.

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      I was going to recommend Boma as well. It sounds like the best option for semi-adventurous kids, as well as an adult who doesn't want the same old pizza, burgers, or chicken fingers.

    2. At the website below, you can check out the menus of all Disney restaurants...

      1. The Prime Time Cafe at Disney-MGM Studios is excellent for families. The food is quite good--American classics like meatloaf plus lighter trendier items--and the theme is a hoot: Each dining area looks like a 50s-era kitchenette. Servers may put the youngest kid in charge of table manners or make Mom eat her vegetables a la "Here comes the airplane." Every family I know adores that place.

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          Went to prime time cafe today for lunch. Maybe it was just an off day, but the food quality was definitely lower than it has been in the past. I sent the beef entree back for the Chicken and the fried chicken was only fair. Still a good theme going tho...

        2. I also was going to recommend Boma or maybe Spoodles at the Boardwalk. The website that cavandre recommended is a great place to start your search

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            At least one night we will want a "grown up" dinner.
            Kid friendly or causal sit down the rest, though maybe one buffet
            Are there any places to eat breakfast outdoors?
            Thanks for all the help

            1. re: Stuffed Monkey

              I agree with Raglan Road and Spoodles. A lot of the countries in Epcot have really good food and the living seas is one of my favorite places to eat because of the ambiance. For counter service, I really like the Sunshine Seasons food court in the land pavillion. As for a "grown up" dinner almost all places cater to the whole family. Wolf Gang Puck's and Blue Zoo are my personal favorite but are very expensive.

          2. We live in Central FL & with guests get over to Disney often.

            Our personal favorite...Raglan Road in Downtown Disney.