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Oct 20, 2007 09:14 AM

SF Hound seeks casual fare

Hi again. I inquired a bit ago about places for a big anniversary dinner for my in-laws. We have secured a reservation at Eleven Madison Park, and I'm excited, as we were lucky to have Chef Humm for a while at Campton Place here in SF.

My question now is where to go with a couple college pals on our "free" night. We are both stereotypical San Francisco foodies and oenophiles, and our friends are neither. They are not, however, unadventurous in their tastes.

Ideally, we'd like to take them out for cocktails and dinner. I'd love recs for places that are delicious, but low key (we're not Sex and the City girls) and would provide a nice atmosphere to catch up. If any of you have been to The Orbit Room in SF, that would be our idea of great drinks with little pretense. For cocktails, it seems that the best stuff is being done at Pegu, Flatiron Lounge and Milk and Honey. Would any of these places be relaxed enough for us? Would we be shunned for fashion violations?

Foodwise, we are open for anything. Momofuku Ssam Bar seems like a good choice as it would provide something different from SF. I'm open to any and all opinions, however.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Here's another question. What's a nice place for cocktails with the parents? We're staying In Murray Hill, but anywhere would be fine.

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      Cocktails near Murray Hill:

      Inoteca would be great for your casual dinner and wine
      Bar jamon
      Casa Mono
      Stanton Social

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        Cocktails with parents: Park Blue (58th between 6th and 7th) or Stone Rose in the Time Warner Center (nice view)
        Can't go wrong with Pegu, Flatiron Lounge or Employees Only (the last might be too crowded on a weekend night). Pegu is probably a little more dressed up than Flatiron Lounge.
        Food-wise I think you'd love Casa Mono (make sure to get a rezzie), it's casual, intended for sharing and fabulously delicious.
        I'm moving back to SF myself soon, looking forward to exploring!

      2. Thanks for your suggestions. I think we'll go to Bemelman's Bar with the folks.

        1. Don't know if the timing has passed, but being from SF myself, when I visit NY I really like 'Inoteca and Tia Pol for very good small plates (Italian and Spanish, respectively). 'Inoteca has a great moderately priced wine list.