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Oct 20, 2007 07:49 AM

Seriously Folks, Any Good Pizza?

I am very particular about my pizza. I like think crust NY Pizza with a good sauce and cheese that doesn't have negative taste. I have tried a few places and I can think of 2 that are even worth my time, Pastazios and I fratelli's. Pastazios makes a good white pizza, though the crust could be a bit less doughy. I Fratelli's has a nice thin crust, but should work on the quality of the toppings. Anyone know of a place that has the whole package?

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  1. Uhhh... Texas is a BIG state. In what city are you located?
    Also, I'm curious about what you mean when you refer to, "negative taste"?

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      Correct, 2nd largest in the country. I'm in Dallas. Thanks, I had a brain fart.

    2. Well there are two places that people seem to like that are here...Coal Vines and Fireside Pies...Now, IMO, there is no substitute here for the pizza in NY, nor do I foresee that happening...Kinda like looking for great Tex-Mex in NY...

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        Are they thin crust or deep dish? Have you been to both and if so do you have a preference?

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          Have had both...Fireside Pies, has a medium crust..not thin, not thick...very good, I think, as well as excellent toppings...meatballs being my favorite there....Coal Vines, much thinner crust..Have not actually been to this restaurant, but someone brought a couple of pies to a party...Thought it was delicious as well, but quite different from Fireside Pies...Again, NOTHING taste like NY pizza but the real deal, but these two places are good.....You'll have to try them both out...

      2. Um, I know Carmine's on Spring Valley and Montfort has a loyal following. I've never had NY pizza to compare this pizza too, but i love their thin crust.

        1. Coal vines is good but not neccesarily NY style, I like their Pizza Bolognese. I really I think the best NY style pizza is at Joe's Pizza in Carrollton...no atmosphere but the pizza is worth the drive. Also Campinia by West Village is good but just 2nd place compared to Joe's IMO.

          1. I'm from Connecticut, so I'm naturally a pizza snob. The only thing remotely edible I've had in the DFW area was Goodfella's in Carrollton, and Brooklyn's in Allen. Pazzo in Plano/Dallas line is ok - personal siza pizzas, good crust, thin and crispy, chewy inside, a little char on the bottom. I have not been to fireside or coal vines yet. I've been paranoid due to all the bad Italian I've experienced here.
            Goodfella's is currently my favorite, being that it is less than 1 mile from where I live.