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Oct 20, 2007 07:39 AM

Best Place to Study (West Village/Chelsea)

Hi there, I am looking for a place to study for the CFA exams. Office is too quite and depressing. This is a 6 month study marathon and I need to find a place to make home, good vibe, eye candy while balancing the ability to make it through this.


Suggestions so far:

Think Coffee on Mercer Street
Doma Cafe and Gallery on 7th Ave and Perry

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  1. I could never study like this - always wondered how people study in cafes. Anyway, in my opinion Think Coffee sucks. Their coffee is mediocre, and the music is too loud to. I suggest Joe's on 13th. It's next to Parsons, you'll get all the eye candy you need, and there are several awesome lunch spots on the same block (Do Sirak for Korean, The Adore for sandwiches).

    1. My favorite away-from-home study spot (and I generally don't occupy 'study spots'!) is the cafe at the rear balcony of Barnes & Noble, 6th Ave. bet. 21st/22nd. They serve Starbucks (50-cent refills!), have some light snacks and sandwiches, and just the reight amount of 'quiet' with decent, low-volume music in the background. Good mix of people. Right by the F/V stop at 23rd.

      I think its open until 10 on weeknights.

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        drmoze: I agree with you about B&N on 6th Ave. I studied there throughout law school. Whenever I needed a break from studying, I could go downstairs and grab a book to read for pleasure! It's probably too late to do this now (although not with the crazy warm weather we've been having), but I would grab a cup of coffee at Brown Cup on 8th Ave and 27th St and sit out by FIT. Brown Cup used to use Porto Rico beans. Not sure if they still do.

      2. Another great West Village spot for studying is Grounded on Jane St between W. 4th St & Greenwich Ave. It's much bigger than Joe, Doma, etc and therefore less claustrophobic, but really pleasant.

        1. soy luck cafe, grounded, 'snice, doma, cafe angelique, sanctuary T(on west broadway so not wvillage, but neither is mercer st so i'm assuming its ok), there are also two places whose names I don't know-one on 10th and 7th and another on charles between washington and greenwich