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Oct 20, 2007 07:36 AM

New to the Area... Food Recs Please!!!!

Hi, my husband and I just moved to Brevard, NC from Los Angeles/Pasadena and we are hoping you could share some food recs anywhere in our area (Asheville, Hendersonville, etc.). Some cheap places for a quick good bite and some nicer ones for a special night out would be great... places we "shouldn't miss". We like all sorts of food... especially ethnic food and somewhere where a great salad is an option (I am drowning in iceburg, cheddar cheese, croutons and 1000 island here... oh for a dark green leafy lettuce...) Please help! Thanks for your thoughts!! (P.S. also what about a great farmer's market?)

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  1. Wow - there is so much - right in Brevard is Sora for exteremely good Japanese (I've lived in SF,NYC and travelled much in Japan)
    I love Marcos Pizza in Asheville and West First gets great press though I've not been there (H'ville)

    Laughing Seed in A'ville with great vegetarian world cusine will satiate your salad cravings.

    Love Limones and I am the lone dissenter here on these boards as I will not set foot in Salsa,,Chorizo, or Modesto as they are owned by Hector Diaz who did not respond to polite calls or letters when I had THE WORST AND RUDEST SERVER EVER at Salsas. Sorry - I've worked in many restuarants when I lived in Monterey CA and the man does not get customer service.

    But many folks here like them...I prefer to give my $$ to folks who not only make good food but care about the clientele and staff.

    So, instead of Salsas try Tomato in Asheville, Check out Nona Mia instead of Modesto and grab a Limones instead of Chorizo.

    I also like Table and Fig for Lunch and really the only Indian option here is Mela.

    Have fun!

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      Marcos has a South Asheville location on Hendersonville Rd. that would be closer to Brevard than the one on Merrimon.Great pizza!! I have also heard that Angelos Pizza in Arden is good, but have never tried it.

    2. Highland Lake in Hendersonville always was the restaurant by which we judged all others. Their Sunday Brunch was totally amazing. They have a website. We haven't been in about a year to be sure to check. They do prefer reservations.

      I seem to recall going to a Morrocan restaurant in the Hendersonville Asheville area that was interesting.

      You are close enough to drive on down to Greenville SC which not only has some truly amazing restaurants - owner operated and reasonable in price - but the new pedestrian bridge over the Reedy River and the park is worth the trip alone. This is probably the most beautiful down town you will ever see.

      If you're going to be in downtown Greenville be sure to try Never on Sunday Greek restaurant on Coffee St. The food is fantastic, home made by the owners, and the couple who own and operate it are really wonderful and extremely attentive people!

      1. I was just talking w/ someone about Brevard the other day and how there are several good dining options there now...Sora, Hob Nob, Maple....and I heard about some other place that is opening a dessert and chocolate shop...
        I wonder if you are really going to want to drive in to Asheville (35-45 min. OW) for dinner and then back at night? Same w/ Hendersonville (40 min) or Greenville (45-55 min). I can see that happening for lunch or maybe in the summer when days are longer but not in the fall/winter or early Spring.
        I don't know the Moroccan restaurant that the other post-er referred to...maybe Rezaz's in Biltmore Village?

        1. Seven years ago my husband and I moved from the SF Bay Area to Etowah (between Brevard, Hendersonville and Asheville). Here are some of our favorites in no particular order:

          Excellent sushi - Sora in Pisgah Forest and Umi in Hendersonville
          Nice casual good for lunch or dinner -
          For a special occasion dinner -
          Casual, cheap and excellent Jamaican -
          Casual Indian -
          Casual, cheap wraps, salads, sandwiches -
          Nice, special occasion -
          Best seafood restaurant we have found -
          Burritos - Pescado's in Brevard and Urban Burrito in Asheville
          Mexican - Papas and Beer Hendersonville
          Ice Cream - Piggy and Harry's or Kilwin's in Hendersonville
          Pizza -

          We are still looking for a good bakery. The best we have found is the Atlanta Bread Company.

          Hope this helps and welcome to the Mtns.