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Oct 20, 2007 07:27 AM

places to eat on the mainline?

Can you suggest places to eat, besides Sola, on the Mainline? We're in Wayne for a conference, with a car, looking to eat a little better tonight! thanks!

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  1. Without knowing more specifics about what you want, my favorite BYOB (after Sola) on the Main Line is Cafe Fresko in Bryn Mawr. Other good options include Belrose 333 and Pond in Radnor; Blush in Bryn Mawr; Susanna Foo and Fleming's in St. David's; and Margaret Kuo's in Wayne.

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      Other good choices are the Thai Orchid in Berwyn, Teresa's Next Door or Teresa's in Wayne, or Hana for sushi in wayne.

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        (but Sola beats them all IMO)

      2. Please specify places on the Main Line that you have eaten so I can better gauge my response. If you've eaten at Sola and want better on the Main Line, you've eliminated most places, IMO. The easy response is Savona, but the price tag there is 2x (if not more) that of Sola. And I really don't think it is twice as good, but YMMV.

        1. i love thai pepper (locations in wayne and ardmore).

          carmine's creole cafe in berwyn - i had one to-die-for meal there, and one slightly less-than-average one. it used to get very high marks so i'm curious if anyone's been lately.

          we like ristorante primavera in wayne as well, but this place never has a crowd. what gives? i think their raviolis are awesome, and the service is outstanding. i go there once every four to five months, and the waiter remembers my special order (toss some capers on it) every time! they also happily make my boss' favorite dish special for him (spaghetti with peppers and sausage). a great place for business meetings... if anything the decor could use some updating, but i don't get why there's never anyone in there!

          nectar's good but a bit out there and a bit expensive. i save them for the expense account.

          susanna foo's in wayne has also been good.

          what i haven't liked is georges' in wayne. adorable decor, but i did not like my food.