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Oct 20, 2007 07:20 AM

The disappearance of poulet frites?

On my last trip to Paris, which was back in February of this year, I was desperate to find a good poulet frites. Seems to me, in years past one could find this dish on the menu of every bisto in, not so much. Or, you can find poulet, but with pseudo frites...sauteed potatoes or some such thing.
Typically, I stay in the Latin Quarter, but would be willing to travel. Can anyone recommend their favorite spot for a stellar, traditional poulet frites?

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  1. Figaroscope, the weeky what's on supplement of the daily paper Le Figaro, just had a special last week about the best poulet rôti-frites restos.

    Here's the link for the article. To download the recommended places, click where it says 'cliquez ici' (below the title).

    Personally, I do like Christian Constant's poulet rôti and purée at his café in the 7th arr. However, it's not always on his menu (BTW, it's not on the Figaroscope list).