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Oct 20, 2007 07:08 AM

Been to Bobo?

Am interested in feedback. Place looks inviting.

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  1. I went the week it opened. My opinion is that it's all about the scene and not about the food. The fun started when they lost my reservation (I called Monday and then called to confirm Friday morning for a Saturday reservation). Unfortunately, they were able to accomodate us anyways. We had the fritto misto to start (they were out of the 2 other dishes we wanted), which was fine except that the advertised squid was missing from the dish (we were never warned). The dish consisted of 2 shrimp and about 7-8 small pieces of zucchini and eggplant ($10). The fish dishes we ordered (tuna and striped bass) were not well seasoned and tasted fishy--I've never experienced this with tuna. Then wrong dessert was brought--we ordered tarte tatin and were brought tiramisu. The tiramisu was basically just cream w/maybe one or 2 tiny slivers of lady finger. Also, the passing servers kept bumping my fiance's chair w/varying degrees of firmness throughout the night. They never seemed to apologize or notice. Final unpleasant aspect was that the kitchen is not well-ventilated and we'd periodically get overwhelmed by the smell of burning food in the dining room.

    1. I like the downstairs bar for drinks and maybe a small bite (cheese basket is wonderful with a glass of tawny) but the upstairs is where I would go for a dining dinner experience.
      I've not been there on the busy weekend days, even for a drink, but had dinner there on a wed and thought it was pretty good- loved the tuna and the risotto from the mains and the strawberries for dessert.
      The elbow mac and cheese and steak tartare I probably won't order again (but I like my tartare very spicy and my mac and cheese cheesy and oven baked).