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Oct 20, 2007 06:59 AM

Tell me about Futures

My son was born in 2005, and since we all like to drink wine and it was a good year I bought futures. (We cook at home a lot, dad is Italian, we generally drink wine -- Fr or It mostly -- with dinner and don't have the income to spend much on it -- around $11 bottle on average in well-priced NYC stores). So I went out and dropped a good bit on four cases. I figured it will be nice to drink from his birth year in the years to come, and I tried to select wines that were likely to last a long while.
I used the wine books I had along with the sparse notes that the merchant (sherry lehman) provided and price to guide me. Anyone want to educate me about how I could have chosen more wisely?
Many thanks.

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  1. I don't have much insight to offer on your wine choices. I just wanted to say this is an excellent idea. In fact, my father bought a magnum of Barollo, i believe, from each of me and my siblings birth years (1986,1991,1994) and, have the labels hand painted. I see mine maybe once a year but we have not thought of a good enough reason to open it yet. For the record, I am the '86, 21 now.

    1. what wines did you select? i'll assume you bought bordeaux, since bordeaux is generally the only wine offered as futures by sherry-lehmann. 2005 was by all accounts a stellar vintage for bordeaux, but prices are record-breakingly high. the best way to choose them wisely is to figure out what you like and will want to drink when it's mature. that usually takes a decade or two of experience. so get tasting!