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Oct 20, 2007 06:44 AM

Madison WI, Recs Needed

My wife will be attending a four day convention in Madison later this month, and she asked me to get some recs for her. I guess the Brat House on State isn't quite up to her standards. Thanks.

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  1. I highly recommend Restaurant Magnus. Also The Tornado Club for steaks and such. Both are right downtown. Williamson St. has a bunch of nice little restaurants near downtown.

    1. I was just in Madison this week and it is one of my favorite little cities in the world.

      I highly recommend two places:

      1) The Weary Traveler on Williamson St. Local beers, super reasonably priced wine list, wonderful food. Try the Hungarian Goulash, the vegan chili, or Bob's Bad Breath Burger.

      2) Right across the street is Jolly Bob's Jerk Joint, a Jamaican restaurant inside a tiny house that opens in to a huge sunken patio in back. They have a full bar serving some really lovely tropical drinks - try the Nacho Loco, a big old glass full of cream, ice, rum, coffee liquer, and a whole banana blended. Their food is spicy and top-notch Jamaican, with all manners of jerk meat, rice and beans, plantains, etc. and it's bright, charming and lively.

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          1. I agree that Weary Traveler is great. Also, Cafe Continental, Johnny Delmonocos or Peppino's are excellent as well. Marigold's Kitchen has good breakfast too.

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              what is the name of the diner with all of the crazy contraptions and antique toys?

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                That would be Ella's Deli on E Wash (under construction) - fun goofy atmosphere, mediocre food.