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Oct 20, 2007 06:38 AM

Where to buy foie gras in Queens for home use?

anybody know where i can pick up some foie gras in queens for home cooking use? i'm not interested in ordering at a restaurant, but rather want to cook it at home myself.


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  1. Where in Queens? Cheese of the World on Austin St. in Forest Hills usually has it, in those little vacuum sealed packages. Also Natural Market, a block or two east usually carries it around the holidays...I haven't seen it there yet however. I can't vouch for quality, as I've never tried it.

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      You can also nearly always pick up D'Artingnan Foie Gras at International Meat market on 30th Ave in Astoria

    2. I buy my foie from Hudson Valley Foie Gras online. The product is always of great quality.