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Cube 63--new menu

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We went to Cube 63 for dinner and discovered they have a new menu. It's much longer now, with a separate sheet listing specials. My husband had the lobster roll and the spicy something roll (sorry) and both were really tasty. I got this sort of mini tasting dish of 3 different parts of yellowtail served 3 different ways and cold tofu served w/scallions, ginger adn soy sauce (I wasn't very hungry) My daughter got the salmon teriyaki, which she loved but I thought had too much gloppy sweet sauce on it.

We love Cube 63 and go there frequently. Besides Hibino, we think it's the best Japanese in the area. Hopefully the new menu will attract more customers for them.

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    1. re: soupcommie

      It's on 234 Court St.

      Cube 63
      234 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201