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Oct 20, 2007 12:23 AM

Capitol Hill lunch recommendations?

I've had Julia's, Cafe Presse, Bleu Bistro, and Broadway Grill. I want to try something new in the area (Broadway & Pike-ish area). Any recommendations other than the above four?

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  1. Baguette Box
    Tran Brothers
    Pho 900

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    1. re: Charles

      Thanks, I'm going to give Baguette Box a shot since the girl I'll be with isn't a big fan of Pho. The Crispy Drunken Chicken sounds great.

      1. re: koggit

        You are so in luck. I had a shaved-beef sandwich with Harisa there yesterday and it blew me away. It was a challenge for me to order something other than the chorizo sandwich I've been stuck on for about a year, but it was fabulous and thoughtfully balanced - very nice. I get the feeling that anything you order there will be a treat, and I await confirmation expectantly...

        If, by the way, there is any chance of reforming your friend's attitude toward Pho, give Pho Cyclo a visit. You can choose any of a number of Vietnamese grilled etc dishes and a Pho that is wonderfully fragrant with Star Anise and I don't even know what-all, but man-oh-man, this is a lovely soup.