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Oct 20, 2007 12:09 AM

What's good in Kitsap?

Just moved here and am having BIG trouble finding quality food--any kind, just looking for outstanding. Hi-Lo's Cafe in Bremerton was good. Thai food has been mediocre to bad so far (five different trys!) Found great pie and mediocre food at Pat's Restaurant in Bremerton. One bagel place in Silverdale.

Two good restaurants in Port Townsend (although that's not Kitsap), I think it was the Public Barn and Grill(?) and directly across the street another seafood restaurant. I probably shouldn't mention them if I can't even remember the names...

Anyway, would love some suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Well, Bainbridge Island is Kitsap, and you can't do much better than the Four Swallows anywhere in the county, IMHO. The island also has great Thai (Sawadty, Sawan) and a classic diner (Streamliner) that's a local favorite. The Harbour Pub is good for fish & chips and other pub fare.

    1. La Fermata in Bremerton (near the manette (sp?) bridge) has quite good Italian food.

      1. Xinh's in Shelton. Check the board -- it's worth the drive.

        1. Mor Mor in Poulsbo is very good; Breezy Beach Bistro in Silverdale offers a pleasant lunch.
          Re Port Townsend, best eats are at Wild Coho and Silverwater Cafe. Fins is also good. Perhaps you were thinking about the Public House, which we have always found very underwhelming.

          1. I moved here about a year ago and I feel your pain. There aren't a lot of options but there are a few good places.

            Hi-Lo's is great for breakfast.
            La Fermata in Manette is easily the best restaurant between Tacoma and Bainbridge in my opinion. Really good northern italian and fresh pastas.
            The Boat Shed (also in Manette) is okay, but not outstanding.
            Anthony's is great if you're if you want to feel like you just jumped back in time to the early 90's.
            August Winn in Bremerton has good lunches and weekend breakfasts
            I don't know what is going on with Augustino's at Evergreen park?

            Breezy Hill Bistro is pretty good in Silverdale.
            Silver City Brewery is definitely not fine dining but it is good and the beer is good, if you don't mind the chain restaurant feel (it's not a chain but they seem to want you to think they are)

            Mor Mor is usually really good, but a little uneven.
            I like Tizley's EuroPub for decent German food.
            Casa Luna is probably the best Mexican food I've had yet (but that is NOT saying alot). I'm hoping the new Mexican place on 4th in Bremerton will be more authentic than the rest of them.

            Port Orchard:
            Haven't eaten there much, but went to a good place on the water there. It was ostensibly italian but I can't remember the name. Good but not outstanding.

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            1. re: slabbit

              Thanks, everyone! Some really great suggestions. And some repeats so I'll definitely have to try those. Anyone else? Please post!

              1. re: ultrachoclover

                I'd give Amy's By The Bay a go in Port Orchard. Only been there a few times but each has been very good. Service is ok...

                Gino's has opened recently where Tweetens was, have not been myself but word on the street has not been encouraging.

                1. re: dcatwater

                  Port Orchard: Haven't been to Amy's for a few months, but the food is usually good. Service is a completely different story, but when the choices are so limited, I guess it's tough to be picky. I've also heard good things about both the BBQ place and Cosmo's, but haven't been to either myself. Puerto Vallarta is good as long as you don't go expecting real Mexican food. It's more your standard Americanized Mexican food, but done well. The tortillas are made there and are fabulous, and they have a margarita that is about the size of a fishbowl. Ask for pico de gallo with your chips.

                  Bremerton: There is a branch of Pho Hoa. I haven't been in quite a while, but it used to be good. The Indian place by the ferry terminal always seems to be busy, but I'm not a big fan of Indian, so haven't been.

                  Silverdale: Silver City is usually pretty good. The beer is always good, and the food is decent, although it feels like any Chilis or Applebees for some reason (it's not a chain).

                  Bainbridge has quite a few better options and it would probably be worth searching for Bainbridge on this board as it comes up occasionally.

                  Outside of Kitsap: Gig Harbor has a few good places - the Anthony's there is very good, and the Harbor Monsoon does Americanized Chinese food quite well. The Tides is a great bar. Xinh's (Shelton), mentioned in a post above, is absolutely worth the drive. Even if you were driving from Seattle, it's worth the drive. Also not in Kitsap, but a good "sunny Sunday road trip" is the Oak Table in Sequim. Decor is a little over the top, but the food is good (at least breakfast; we've not had lunch there) - I really like the German pancake, but haven't had anything that hasn't been good.

                  1. re: kkbriggs

                    BBQ place I was not impressed with. Lousy sides and I think yesterdays meat. In Bremerton is a place called Q's which is a Texas style who IMO does a better job. Stick with the breisket, and get the sauce on the side. Cosmos is good for quality, but nothing special. And I'm sorry,but I have nothing good to say regarding PV - had lunch there and it was quite possibly the worst meal ever. Would rather go to Tacl Time. There is also a Belgian Frites place by the ferry that had beer and frites just like Europe. They have brats and fish and chips as well, but I would stick with the beer abd frites.

                  2. re: dcatwater

                    Yeah, Gino's was the place I went. ...ehh, okay. Maybe worth a second try. I had a pretty mediocre steak there. I should go back and try the pasta before I rule it out.

                    As for all the people slamming Toad House's service, I haven't found it to be bad at all. I think the pizza is the best I've had here. My biggest complaint there is they have a printed out beer list, with interesting selections on tap, and I have rarely been there when they weren't out of half of them.

                    Also they are opening a new place in that TINY building near the Boat Shed in Manette called "The Patio". I'm not sure what might fit there, nor am I sure I want to sit on a patio in Bremerton during the winter, but anything new is good!

                    1. re: slabbit

                      hmm, when we went to Toad House, the service was fine. Not the fastest but they were pleasant enough and when they were out of some of the brews [which, since we aren't talking about some mass produced McDonaldish item, I don't find to be either unusual or unforgivable], they offered a choice of substitutes and I believe gave my husband samples before the final tasting tray came out.

                      certainly nothing to complain about.

                      oh but I can't tell you if the pizza makes good leftovers because we inhaled ours.....

                      1. re: jenn

                        My point is that if you are going to print out a beer list in a place with rotating taps, do it weekly (or nightly) and keep it up to date. Or just write it on the wall and don't hand out the list. It's a little thing, and it sure as hell won't keep me from going back, but it buggs me because it has happened every time I've been there. That being said, my experience has been the same as yours, and they usually have a comparable substitute which they are willing to give a tasting of.

                        They mostly have great, hard-to-find beers from the northwest on tap which is rare in Kitsap, and I hope they continue to have them!

                        1. re: jenn

                          I tried Toad house and was'nt impressed at all. They did'nt have everything on the menu and the service was very slow. The staff spent more time socializing than being attenrive to the customers,so it was'nt just at our table.Besides I only have an hour for lunch and don't want to wait the 10 minutes it took to order and twentyfive minutes it took to get our food.