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Oct 19, 2007 11:59 PM

Gone but not forgotten, Grandma's Sugarplum's [moved from L.A. board]

I was poking around and found some comments about missing Grandma's Sugarplum's (Belmont Shore). Count me in. Their Ultra Chocolate Mousse was my religion. I heard a few years ago that the owner had sold the recipes to the Rossmoor Bakery (on Redondo in Signal Hill now) and I got hold of one, but it was NOT quite the same?

Anyone know what happened to the recipes? if the owners are baking for someone else now? if they're coming out with a cookbook? I'd spend my last dollar....

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    1. I LOVED that place! They made an amazing layer cake with strawberries and grand marnier that melted in your mouth. I moved to Florida and called one day to get the recipe or even a hint as to how it was made but it was a family secret. The following year I went back to Belmont Shore just for the cake and they were gone! I have searched for a similar recipe since to no avail. I would definitely pay big bucks for the true recipe.