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Oct 19, 2007 09:36 PM

Telepan, Tailor, Dennis Foy, The Little Owl, Allen & Delancey, Irving Mill, Blue Hill

Trip to NYC from Texas in mid november. Have really had great meals past year at Eleven Madison Park, A Voce, Momofuku.

Any opinions if you must pick only 2 of the above? I like all foods for the most part, and dig a high energy but not formal restaurant and typically like smaller chef driven places.

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  1. The only two on your list I've been to are Blue Hill and Telepan.

    Our experience at Blue Hill was too long ago for me to give you any input on the current state of the cuisine. However, if high energy is important to you, you won't find it there. In no way is it stodgy, just relaxed and low-key.

    We were at Telepan for the first time two weeks ago. Obviously, chef driven (Bill Telepan). While not formal, there is an understated elegance about the dining room, and one of the things I really liked about going there, aside from the very good food, was the exceedingly pleasant, conversation-friendly atmospherics. So, again, no high energy there.

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      I think you summed up Telepan very well. Definitely "understated elegance" The food was delicious and I felt like a welcomed guest. I agree: It's not for the patron who (shudder!) "digs high energy"

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        Hey, Tay,

        From your parenthetical shudder re: "high energy," it's obvious you prefer the same kind of "muted" ambiance as I do. :-)

    2. do yourself a favor and go to Allen & delancey
      great food, cool bar, nice of this years jewels in nyc

      1. I would go to Tailor for drinks only. Of the Blue Hills, I have only been to Blue Hill at Stone Barns (the Westchester location) and find it to be my favorite restaurant anywhere. That being said, I enjoyed my recent lunch at Irving Mill quite a bit (the room is infinitely warmer than Telepan and the food is on par with it). I'd like to go to The Little Owl myself, just haven't had the opportunity yet. So....I'd say drinks at Tailor, dinner at The Little Owl and a coin flip between Blue Hill and Irving Mill (if you want more casual, choose Irving Mill).

        1. If it has to be out of the places you've listed my nod will always go to Telepan but as others have stated it is not high energy. How about db Bistro Moderne, great food, great service, boisterous enviornment in the front room.

          1. some nice choices definitely go with telepan...upscale but comfortable and quite good...try the smoked trout, lobster bolognese, the foie gras, and any lamb entree.

            i havent been to dennis foy, tailor, or irving mill...but all three seem to be not worth going to.

            i have reservations for allen and delancey this weekend and am excited to try it. the reviews have been quite good after a slow start. as for little owl, its very good but the reservation process is so annoying. i suggest you go to market table instead...great food and i think less money...same owner and management. get the lamb, gnocchi, and crab cake...desserts are pretty crappy though...i suggest you end yr evening around the corner at blue ribbon bakery for their chocolate chip bread pudding...amazing.

            blue hill is only worth going to at stone skip the nyc version.

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              Of the two I've been to on your list, (Telepan and Blue Hill) I vote for Blue Hill without a doubt.