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Oct 19, 2007 08:36 PM

crockpot chili

im start some chili in the crock pot in about an hour should i brown the meat before i put it in the pot? other things i have made didnt seem to need it (pot roast, pulled pork). wondering if all the burger will cook into a big lump... i want chili, not meat loaf. should i "stir" it a few times to prevent this?

thanks chowhounds!

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  1. - Don't use ground beef, use chuck diced into 1/2" cubes.
    - Absolutely brown it first!
    - Use less water than a regular recipe.

    1. I precook the meat, mix teh ingredients to heat and then transfer to a crockpot. I like adding cornmeal so it's a little thicker.

      1. I had to unexpectedly leave the house, so i just threw it all in last night (raw meat) and hoped for the best. It tastes great, although it is a bit pale in color. I think browning the meat first would have made it better, but it came out OK this way.


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          before i took it to the potluck I browned some additonal meat and threw it in along with some more seasonings. the extra meat added texture and flavor that would have been otherwise missing.