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Oct 19, 2007 08:11 PM

Culinary Schools in CA


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    1. Try the community colleges. There were some great programs when I was there (northern cal, but probably other locations, too). Quite a few students took classes there to get credits, inexpensively, and then transferred them to culinary schools. The one in Oakland had some fairly intensive classes, 4-5 days a week, 6 or so hours a day and then some less intensive but still good ones.

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        Yes, in the earlier thread I posted a link to, I mentioned that Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa has a respected and affordable culinary arts program.

      2. Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill has a very well respected program and is much less expensive than many others. They also have a student run restaurant that has gotten some positive reviews.

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          I would second DVC in Pleasant Hill. I have eaten at the restaurant for years. The food is always good. At one time I knew a chef/teacher there and what he told me about the course study was impressive. Students come from all over the country to study there.

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            Ack, how come I never knew about this! I grew up in Concord and in fact, my dad teaches at DVC (electronics, not cooking), but now am off all the way in Boston. in Boston. Do you know if they have classes you can take a la carte, or general-public oriented classes?

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              I have no idea about the present courses. I only eat there now. Probably you could google DVC and find out.

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                Also there's City College of San Francisco. Very good rep but it's not for the unmotived. Also you'll be around plenty of restaurants to find work and network in. Seems ideal...get the course work and get a job that gives you experience.

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            As a graduate (wow how time flies, about 10 years ago), I will ditto the DVC recomendation for Northern California. The education is the same as you would get at a private school and much more affordable. And as mentioned the student restaruant is a great deal :)