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Oct 19, 2007 07:32 PM

Produce Junction: First and Last Time

What an unpleasant surprise. I'm trying to manage without my walker or cane, and discovered that this store was handicap unfriendly to a remarkable degree. No carts or baskets to put the veggies in. No bags to put the veggies in. I had to make two trips to my car after paying for a nice assortment of vegetables because I couldn't carry more.

Quality was fine; prices were excellent value, but for a person with difficulty carrying much very far or long, I just couldn't deal with it. I even explained my problem to a cashier, but no one cared to help me. I think the thing that made me angry was seeing an older woman in worse shape than me struggling. Sure made me appreciate the Reading Terminal vendors. Thanks for listening to me vent.

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  1. I know what you mean! My husband loves Produce Junction and goes there all the time. If I'm with him, I sit in the car and wait because it's so hard to manage even with a walker or cane -- although I have a walker with 4 wheels & a seat and you can put the stuff on the seat. I wish they had carts -- would make the whole thing so much easier. But they're really cheap.

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      The conundrum that is produce junction. A push-me pull-you experience. The one in Wynnefield has ridiculous parking issues. It is dirty. There are zero amenities. But if you have only 25 dollars to spend for a week's food, you can do it at the junction and eat well. Make my junk the P-Junc.

    2. I don't get it. I went once. Their prices are very low, as well they should be for the garbage they sell.

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        I have to agree with Kate. In summer, when we have any number of farmer's markets and fruit stands, I really don't get it. In winter, Wegman's has credible fruit and veg. More expensive, but overall, better value.


      2. Produce junction is the Loehmans of food shopping. Low prices, no frills and very hit and miss. I went a few times but prefer to do my shopping at the local farmers markets and reading terminal. The produce was ok not great. I agree with Francis, I would much rather go to Wegmans or Whole Foods. Yep its expensive but the quality is wonderful.

        1. Which one? I have been to the one in Glenside (so-so to poor quality) and very frequently to the one in Broomall (nicer...even has a ramp). The quality there is fair to good. Also have very nice flowers and plants as well as seasonal decorations and the like for cheap.

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            ..they are also more than willing to carry purchases to your car..

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              Glenside's is disgusting! I've tried it a several times, hoping for improvement but was disappointed each time. Although I sometimes pay more at local markets I can get comparable produce without the filth and without the extreme rudeness of the clerks. When I'm looking for produce I head for Walmart, Pathmark or Assi (Lansdale).

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                I hit the Glenside location several times a year - if I'm in the area, as opposed to seeking it out. If you really consider that place to be disgusting, your standards are ridiculously high.

                As to the staff, while they can be brusque - especially so when there are longish lines - "extreme rudeness" is equally hyperbolic.

                You wouldn't last 15 seconds in the Italian Market

            2. I've been shopping at PJ since they opened in NJ. All I can say is that i have been to 5 of them, and strangely, all the parking lots are deathtraps! Scary, very poorly planned and difficult to get out of. Some of the produce is better than others. I bought rasberries there last week for $2, which were $5 for the exact same thing at Shop Rite. I find the produce to be decent typically, but during the summer I only buy items like tomatoes, corn, potatoes, etc, from local farmers and don't bother with PJ for those items.
              I have gotten some great flowers there, and orchid plants for around $10.
              I've also always been able to get someone to help carry my purchases out to the car when I need it. It's not a great place if you are handicapped in any way, however, I agree with that. I'm sorry your experience was not a good one.

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                Actually, of all the veggies I bought, only the tomatoes were poor quality. I loved being able to buy fennel, raddichio, beets, okra, cauliflower, chinese cabbage and what feels like a 10 pound bag of onions for $2 in one swell foop.

                Come to think of it, the parking lof off of Route 73 in N. J. was a deathtrap also! So, in the winter, if we ever drive by again, I'll just ask my husband to come in and help carry.

                Not an appealing business model.

                Another word for quality. Costco must know something. Their veggies last and last, despite being forced to buy large quantities. And, their quality simply can't be beat in terms of value,taste and crispness.