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Oct 19, 2007 06:59 PM

Tired of Baja Fresh, Chipotle

I am in a rut. Have been going to Baja Fresh and Chipotle too many times. When I was in New York I went to Burritoville which had some mole burritos that were pretty good. I know that was a chain too, but at least not as big a chain as Baja Fresh. So I guess I am just looking for an independent alternative to Baja Fresh. P.S. I love mole!

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  1. There have been a couple of comprehensive burrito threads on the board of late, (along with quite a few others that were more focused on things like breakfast burritos or what have you). Here is a link to one of them.

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      1. Welcome to Chowhound!

        Permit me to introduce you to the LA region Mexican Place map, home of over 190 establishments and growing. Narrow your search from here.

        Coincidentally one of the places in my area has a mole burrito called the Deluxe Poblanita Chicken. Sorry, haven't tried it yet.

        Superior mole is more likely found in a higher end restaurant rather than a taqueria, search the recent threads on 'chile en nogada' for destinations.

        If you really want to get out of a rut in LA, go for a taco (truck) or two!

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          DiveFan this map is awesome!! I've only been to Taco Miendo so looks like I have some work to do. Have you been to Tacos Por Favor? That's next on my list to try.

          I lived in Chicago for a long time, and still like their burritos the best (before you laugh, #2 Mexican population outside of LA). Its a very different style of burrito. They always use a thick pinto bean paste as the glue, would NEVER add rice, use a great shredded Chihuahua cheese, and always grill the outside quite a bit, which I love. The end result is mobile food perfection...they never fall apart on you like most burritos here do. And great salsa verde....mmmm, booking a flight now....

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            ElJeffe, thanks for the details on a 'Chicago' burrito. Except for the cheese and the griddling it sounds like a typical (not chain or old school) 'Los Angeles' burrito. Here most immigrant run trucks and taquerias don't put excess filler in the burro, just meat, smear of refried beans, onion, cilantro and salsa. The result is a hand held delight as you described.

            As they get Americanized the product starts to resemble the infamous overstuffed 'Mission' burrito from SF: . In the SFBA it might contain all manner of non-traditional, 'healthy' ingredients (but don't mention the total caloric intake :-). For obvious reasons I call it the 'corporate profit' burrito; it is usually dangerous even when eaten with two hands.

            If the Wikipedia description of the 'Sandy Eggo' burrito is at all accurate, I'm really not impressed. Guacamole, french fries, lettuce, cheese.....*shudder*.

            A year ago several topics raged on SF vs LA burritos, search on 'mission burrito' in either board.

            1. re: DiveFan

              Went to Tacos Por Favor today and was sorely disappointed:( Burrito was decent but I'd even give Taco Miendo the nod. The carnitas sope was very good, however. I may give it another try focusing on tacos. Looks like my burrito hunt will continue. ...

              1. re: ElJeffe

                Try Taco Plus, which serves a similar burrito to Tacomiendo but with better construction (imo). Also, Eduardo's grills their burritos, and they do a version without rice, but no al pastor or carnitas, sadly.

                PS: In my experience, it's best to stick with the chorizo at Tacos Por Favor. Also, I always ask for my burrito "to go" so they wrap it in foil. Same is true of Eduardo's.

          2. I love Poquito Mas - outside of the trucks and stands and family run places

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            1. I know Baja Fresh is a chain, but I can literally drink that black bean salsa of theirs. I'm sorry, I'm addicted to that stuff.