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Oct 19, 2007 06:24 PM

Hand Made, Hand Formed 1/3 lb. Burger at The Peach Café

I had a real hand made burger at the Peach Café. I am sure that it is hand made for two reasons. First, I could tell by looking at it that it was hand formed. Second, I asked the owner about it as I was eating it and she confirmed that the 1/3 pound patty is hand made from a five pound batch of ground beef. She said that was the only way they could serve the burger they wanted to serve with the seasonings the way they feel it just right. I would agree that the seasoning and the flavor of the beef is pretty good. I would like to have a ½ pound patty like the Tops Kobe beef burger but some people feel that ½ pound is a little too big.

The burger comes on a special bakery made bun that is pretty good also. I never noticed the price of the burger because it is not yet on the menu. Three of us were eating and I paid the whole bill without asking for the price of the burger. The owner said she wanted to work on the sesonings and final flavors before printing the new menu which is coming soon. For now the burger can be ordered off menu. It came with a choice of one side-order item. I got the seasoned fries which were OK but not really all that “seasoned.

Peach Café (Hand made Burgers, Goat Cheese Omelette w Spinach & Scallions, Café Blueberry Cakes w/ a hint of orange, Crescent French Toast)
141 E Colorado Blvd
Monrovia, CA 91606
(626) 599-9092

Tops (½ lb. Kobe cheese burger, fries, deep fried zucchini, pastrami, sandwich asada or chicken totasda)
3838 E Colorado Blvd (Between Rosemead Blvd. And Michillinda)
Pasadena, CA 91107-3940
(626) 449-4412

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  1. linked

    Peach Cafe
    141 E Colorado Blvd, Monrovia, CA 91016

    1. OK I head out to Monrovia to get my car serviced at Sierra Motors on Shamrock and have eaten a couple times at the Canadian Cafe in the old town area. Is Peach Cafe in that vicinity? It looks like I've got to try it.

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      1. re: NAspy

        The Peach is just several doors East of the Canadian Cafe and on the same side of the street. The free city parking lot is what seperates them.

        1. re: JeetJet

          Certainly looks the part of a really classic little cafe as conceived by Spielberg. Funny, I don't see the burger listed on their website menu, (unless I somehow skipped right by it while perusing their lunch selections).

      2. I love their Monte Cristo Sandwich.

        1. Thanks for the tip of the (currently) off-menu burger -- I love the Peach Cafe for their breakfasty items. Hopefully I can resist that enough for one day to check out their lunchier stuff.


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          1. re: AquaW

            The breakfast items are good. I really like the applewood smoked bacon. When I ordered the burger they asked me whether I wanted it with bacon. I said no because I usually never have bacon on a burger. Later I realized I could have had the applewood smoked bacon on that burger and that would have really made it great. Maybe that is a way to have some of the "breakfasty items" while moving toward their "lunchier stuff."

            1. re: JeetJet

              I'm going to have to try something else, perhaps this burger or the Monte Cristo, which somehow I did not see on the menu even, and I'm not even sure there was a burger either as a matter of fact.

              I shared a tuna melt with a friend at lunch today (seeing No Country at the theater), and she got a side green salad and I had a side fruit salad. I'm sorry but I was very disappointed. I am way more into good food and not big portions, but it was like really small, served open face on a good but too thick and seemingly old piece of bread, especially for more than $10. They mentioned La Brea whole grain bread, and it tasted like it, but I buy the 2 loaves of that at Costco and slice it up, and even out of the freezer it tastes way better than it did at the Peach Cafe on my sandwich. Plus I would never slice it more than an inch thick that way, it was really hard to cut through.

              My fruit salad was old, and I had to throw out all of the grapes, and several other pieces of fruit (like more than 1/3rd of a pretty tiny salad was bad). On top of that, it took more than an hour to get the food, even the salads could have been brought out sooner, no? Not one of the 3 items was as good as your average diner food, yet the type of place and the pricing would make you think it was going to be a cut above, e.g. I liked the building, and atmosphere a lot.

              Maybe I should have tried the soup of the day, it was a tomato bisque, however, it had bacon and was $7, so I opted for the fruit salad instead. Note ironically I had a fruit salad at the Monrovian just down the street the night before for the same price that was at least twice the size and totally fresh, with better variety of fruit.

              1. re: MaryT

                OK Mary. But, Like the OP states, " I never noticed the price of the burger because it is not yet on the menu."

                When I follow the tracks of a Chowhound I order the specific item mentioned in the post. When someone says "Burger" or "Monte Cristo" I would give that a try. Thanks for the post about the Tuna melt and fruit salad.

                I have ate at the Monrovian several times because a relative loves that place. Poor Service, Way too much noise, and cold food is why I don't eat there anymore. Also, their "breakfast skillet" breakfast is a very tiny breakfast.

                IMO both of these places charge higher than average prices. For low prices, hot fresh made (peal and cut the potatoes when ordered) I like The Tall Pines down by the 210. However, the ambiance is like a bar but the food is good. The home style potatoes are IMHO opinion, the best in town. Now you got me hungry and guess what place I am going to have my baco and eggs breakfast with corn tortillas at today

                Tall Pines

                1. re: MaryT

                  I'm sorry to hear you didn't have the best experience. I've been to Peach Cafe many times and I have to admit that their tuna melt is nothing to rave about. I prefer their breakfast items to their sandwiches and other lunch items. I'm surprised about the fruit salad though-the fruit I've had has always been delicious (especially the grapes when I went there last week). If you give this place another chance I might stick to their breakfast items. Btw-their cornbread is worth checking out!