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Oct 19, 2007 05:51 PM

wonderful romantic dinner on a sat night?

I am looking for a restaurant to take my boyfriend to next Sat night. We will only be in town overnight. Nothing too fussy, nothing rediculously expensive...but really wonderful food.
We are from NY and LA so the bar is pretty high! Can you help me with names of places???

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  1. Look up reviews on Aziza (the front room I find to be very romantic), Range, Piperade or Chapeau. Most are in outlying neighborhoods but I think that tends more romantic and with better food at a non-ridiculous price. The mid-range resturants in SF tend to be my favorite - incredible value profiles for what you are paying vs getting. If you give more details about what kind of food you like, what area you are looking for and what is non-ridiculously expensive to you, you will get better answers.