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Oct 19, 2007 04:27 PM

Spotted Pig Suggestions?

Am off to Spotted Pig for a late dinner. Any suggestions on what to order?

I like to eats.

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  1. Gnudi, cubano, burger- not a choice-eat all 3 like me (:0

    1. The burger with blue cheese. Unbelievable. The string fries are a hit too. It comes with the burger.

      1. gnudi, burger (I actually don't care for the fries - too thin), champ (which isn't anything difficult to make, but tasty nonetheless). If they have faggots on the menu (I'm not being rude, it's actually a dish) and you are looking for something different, try this. It's VERY rich/hearty and takes a little getting used to. Also - wait until it cools down. It's much better after its cooled down and has had a chance to "settle".

        1. have a bloody me