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Oct 19, 2007 03:49 PM

Farmstead Cheeses Opening in Montclair?

I was enjoying my morning at the Alameda Market, choosing a few wines and cheeses for the weekend from the mecca of Farmstead Cheeses and Wines. Jeff (owner?) noted that Farmstead would be opening a sister store in Monticlair. Now if only Castro Valley...



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  1. Montclair seems ripe (pardon the pun) for a good cheese store. My Mom will be thrilled! Now if only Montclair had a decent restaurant. ;-)

    1. Boy that is good news and it's true, we are desparate for a decent restaurant.

      1. When and where???? I am trying to think of vacant spots in Montclair.

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        1. re: Janet

          I went onto their blog, see above, and their website, Nothing there. Emailed Jeff and will report back when he answers.


        2. Yes, it's true. We've signed a lease to go into the old LaSalle Cigar Store space @ 6218 La Salle (in the Village, across from the city parking lot).

          The space will be 1200 square feet (400 square feet larger than our Alameda Marketplace space), but divided into two rooms.

          We're very excited to be opening in Montclair, as my wife and I live in the hills above the village.

          We expect to open in early 2008.

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          1. re: jeffyd

            You beat me to it, Jeff:

            "Yes, we've signed a lease for a space in Montclair, at the site of the old Montclair Cigar Store ( 6218 La Salle Ave., in the village, a few doors up from Mountain, across from the city parking structure). We'll open in early '08.
            It's a slightly bigger space (1200 square feet as opposed to 800 at The Marketplace), in a two room configuration. We're very excited. I live in Montclair, so it will be nice to bring the Farmstead style of customer service and product/selection to my home stomping grounds..."

            (Text from email)

            1. re: Cecelia

              thanks for linking to my blog, cecilia. we've never gotten so many hits!!