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Oct 19, 2007 03:22 PM

after the marathon, what to feed the runner? [moved from Manhattan board]

All you serious runners out there, in salute to a friend who's doing the marathon for the 1st time, what would suggest I serve afterwards?

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  1. Ask your friend what he/she wants. Everyone's comfort or reward food is different.

    If you'd rather make it a surprise, or for some reason you don't want to ask, I'd say make something satisfying but healthy: your friend's stomach probably won't be up for anything really heavy or rich.

    After long runs, I usually go for brunchy foods like omelettes with potatoes. If that's not his/her style, maybe a lighter lasagna - this one's awesome:

    1. Light, non rich carbs. Maybe a whole wheat angel hair with sauteed veggies. Some sort of tasty ,fruity drinks. Sliced fresh fruit over some fruit sorbet.

      1. Salty foods- when you sweat, you sweat out salts as well as water. Once I'm starting to feel rehydrated, I start to massively crave salt after a long run. You need a certain amount of salt to go with your fluids afterwards to keep your kidneys functioning properly.

        1. I just ran my first full marathon a couple weeks ago. I wasn't really hungry for a few hours afterwards (which is usual) so you just eat small snacky things for a while with water. I went out for a celebration dinner - Indian food - I loved it, but I did eat lighter than I normally would. You're more hungry 2 days later.
          So, if it's immediately after the race, bring some of her favourite snack foods. If it's dinner several hours afterwards, just pick one of her favourite foods but keep it simple and light.

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            by snack foods, I meant yogurt, banana, pear, apple, etc. maybe part of a sports bar

          2. I think everyone is different.

            For me, after every event (be it a marathon or an OLY tri), I want one or all of the following:
            -hot chocolate
            -Egg McMuffin or Filet-O-Fish (yes, the ones from McDonald's)