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Oct 19, 2007 03:18 PM

Do you hide your stash from company?

I think I have finally gone totally loopy. As I was straightening up my pantry in anticipation for an upcoming party I found myself making a small box to hide away for just the food stuffs I 'd rather not like others see some of the things I eat (Pepper Pot soup, sweetened flaked coconut, jello etc.) It's not horrid stuff but a 3 year old will be visiting along with a couple of very health conscious friends. Does anyone else do this or am I truly nuts?

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  1. Ok, first off let me tell you I thought you meant something totally different! lol I thought you meant things you were not willing to share (Like my 40 yr old Scotch and my Stoli Elite...)

    When I have friends come over they know immediately that I have a fully stocked bar, I however put the stuff I would not be as tempted to share in the basement.

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    1. re: gryphonskeeper

      I'm right there with you gryphonskeeper...I hide my scotch that I brought back from Edinburgh and the cognac my grandfather gave me for my 30th birthday.

      I can't recall having hidden anything in the kitchen for any reason, though. I'm not sure it's all the way to completely nuts...just a little nuts. And a little nuts is usually fun.

      1. re: ccbweb

        I don't have anything I wouldn't share with friends, most things are better with friends, and I don't have friends that would touch the "good stuff" w/o asking. However....If I had a party or something and I didn't know who was coming over, which I can't see happening, I'd probably hide the Triomphe

        1. re: rednyellow

          Oh, close friends, I'll keep it out and if it's appropriate, absolutely share. But we have a pretty open door policy and get company that I like very well but wouldn't necessarily share the rare stuff with. I'm not going to make them drink swill though.

          1. re: ccbweb

            I live alone, pretty close circle of visitors here.

            1. re: rednyellow

              Both my wife and I are PhD students...we get a lot of people we only know peripherally. I get where you're coming from though, and did the same when I lived solo.

              1. re: ccbweb

                ahah, ccb, that explains why you're always looking up nutrition info. talk about piled higher and deeper (me too.)

                1. re: fara

                  Oh yeah...high, deep, wide, sinking quickly....
                  good comic strip, too.

        2. re: ccbweb

          That is exactly what I mean, I had a "friend of a friend" come over (I invited friend, she brought her friend unbeknownst to me beforehand. This said person found my grandfathers 40 yr old scotch, and helped himself to it... very liberally I should add. Since that day, I have hidden most of the higher end alcohol, and things that are .irreplaceable Sorry but there is not a soul on earth I like enough to give the scotch my grandfather left behind to...

          1. re: ccbweb

            Ditto with the Scotch. I have a few single malts that I keep for my dad when he visits. I have to hide them or my father-in-law sloshes them down with ice and ginger ale. Gee, thanks. I have been known to hide candy from my kids!

            1. re: ccbweb

              "A little nuts is usually fun." And it keeps one from going insane which is what I almost did after a party and noticed that a precious bottle of Evan Williams 23 Year Old Bourbon was bone dry after everyone had left. I could have killed that night...
              The bottle had been left in full sight on the bar while I was busy being perfect hostess, and of course people thought it was OK to drink. Man, did I learn a lesson that night. I only hoped the people who drank it enjoyed it.

              1. re: ccbweb

                There are *some* people we hide the really good booze from, mostly because they'd be more excited by the labels than by the actual flavors, and we'd feel like the stuff hadn't been fully appreciated and had gone to waste. But for most of the people we'd have over, we're happy to share. But we've definitely stashed bottles in the closet! I'm glad to hear we're not alone.

              2. re: gryphonskeeper

                That's just what I thought. We have one friend that will drink every drop of alcohol in the house when he's in a certain kind of mood. So I hide the stuff that I'd like to keep a little longer when he comes over.

                Another friend will stay over and cook canned tomatoes for breakfast. He just dumps about three cans in a pot and reduces them to mush. No seasoning, nothing. So sometimes I hide the good tomatoes I got in Italy and buy him a few cans of decent tomatoes at the supermarket. I'm happy that he's comfortable enough to go through my cabinets and make what he likes, and I'm happy to cook him spaghetti with the good tomatoes, but I can't have him scarfing all my best tomatoes for breakfast in one sitting!

                1. I don't and I wouldn't. I might get the "snappy comeback" ready, but you gotta know your company if you are going to go that route.

                  The only thing I would probably think about doing with kids coming would be to not leave any "junk food" visible, so the kids aren't tempted and don't pester the adults. I figure that friends/family know by now that I am all grown up, can make my own (wise or unwise) decisions on food, and can live (okay, or die) with the consequences of my decisions. That said, I would probably make sure that my fridge is stocked with fresh produce and keep some juices around so there are some non-poisonous snacks available, and I suppose that if I were cooking, Southern fried chicken, with mac & cheese and brownies a la mode were not being served for dinner.

                  By the way, I don't think you're nuts. I am sure you are just trying to avoid a confrontation, but if that's what you're trying to do, it sounds like your soon-to-be guests are kinda nervy.

                  1. May I say, in the best possible way, that you are truly nuts? :-)

                    I am too, you see.

                    The only thing I hide away out of sight when I have certain relatives visit is my array of saffrons. (Well, and the more than decent wines that I am saving for a special night with the Hub.) I know I would get roped into making some over-the-top saffron dish were this stash discovered. And it would be, since these relatives are snoops. My question to you (and myself, truth be told) is why are these party guest digging in your pantry!

                    Here's a trick that I always used in the bathroom medicine cabinet whenever I had a large party: I stuck up a sign (inside the door, on the shelves) saying that if the guest needed first-aid, see us; morever, if they needed to know what meds we were taking or birth control we were using, we would be happy to answer their questions. Maybe you can put up a sort of de facto "no-snooping sign" in your pantry for the party. Mine always got a big laugh, even though the snoopers were busting themselves. Your Jello and coconut would be safe, or at least the genesis of a good joke!

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                    1. re: cayjohan

                      Oh, I misread the OP. Thought these people were coming for the weekend. I would hide nothing, but I can understand hiding $$$ liquor. These people are coming for a party. They should not be snooping in your cabinets, but I suppose it's entirely possible that they might open a cabinet looking for a plate or a glass or something and fall upon your "stash." I guess I would still make sure to have some "healthy" alternatives to offer but if it's a large gathering, that one group would not dictate the menu.

                      If they are of the type that would pass comment/judgment on the things you have in your cabinet, you might want to try this on them for the medicine cabinet. Put some marbles in there. You will hear a racket when they snoop and they will be suitably embarrassed, though would probably claim they were just looking for aspirin or a band-aid.

                    2. It depends what it is. But I could see myself doing that too, so not to worry!

                      1. Depending on the company, yes, but not out of food shame, more what the others were saying, where you hide pricey booze.

                        I never used to, until one evening when my husband's loser friend started hammering back some very special and expensive scotch my sister gave me because, hey, he wasn't paying for it. He must have swilled at least half the bottle!

                        So now when we have parties where I know people are just going to get totalled I do hide the good stuff, because what`s the point if they`re just going to puke it all up later?