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Oct 19, 2007 03:10 PM

40th birthday in Norwalk...

where's a good "girls night out" to celebrate--about 10 women????

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    1. re: jfood

      I was going to suggest Barcelona as well - perfect girls night out venue.

      1. re: Foodie Fairfield

        My DH and I are going tonight for the first time (Habana). Anything you highly recommend there?

        1. re: chocolate chick

          The Sea Bass, without a doubt. Also, save room for dessert...the Habana banana is awesome.

          1. re: chocolate chick

            Won Ton Tuna appetizer - awesome! And the sea bass. YUM!

      2. Or you could get one of the big booths downstairs at Ocean Drive....I think it fits 10. Complete with curtain for privacy.

        1. If you want SoNo, Barcelona is nice, altho we've become more of a fan of the one in Ffld at the swanky HI-Ho Motel off the Merritt; it's quieter and more intimate.

          If you don't mind the din and a bill that can get costly fast, the best eats in SoNo is still Match, IMO.

          1. If you want a place you can just hang out, have fun, not be rushed -- not fine dining, but good food and a relaxed atmosphere, why not try Partners?

            Great thin crust pizza, lots of other good stuff.

              1. re: Foodie Fairfield

                I went to Meigas for lunch a few weeks ago. It was empty, but we really enjoyed the food. I liked it better than Habana. I thought Habana was uneven and slightly disappointing. Our waitress was great and everything she suggested was very good, but anything we decided to try on our own was avaerage. The cocktails were almost inedible. We really wanted to love Habana, just wasn't what we were expecting.

                Foodie--we did have the sea bass and that was one of the items we enjoyed very much, thanks for the reco.

                1. re: chocolate chick

                  Try Match or Barcelona in Sono. If you are willing to venture to Stamford, Brasitas is fun.