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Oct 19, 2007 02:59 PM

Chocolate Bread Pudding recipes?

with coconut would be great, any ideas? Is it better to use brioche or what other type of bread? I love dark chocolate. Thanks

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  1. There is a terrific version in Suzanne Goin's SUNDAY SUPPERS AT LUCQUES, a popular cookbook of the month this summer on this board. It uses brioche and is just wonderful.

    1. I'd use a sturdier bread because soft ones like brioche turn mushy in the liquid. I make a variation on this one, using day-old baguette, dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts:

      1. Try this chocolate bread pudding with bourbon pecan sauce from Alison Barshak. It's a winner.

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          Very good call... I've made this desset and it was so insanely delicious!
          I substituted chocolate babka for the bread b/c I had some that was getting stale and that's why I made it in the first place....

        2. I don't have a recipe link - but what we learned in New Orleans is that bread pudding is very adaptable, so once you find a basic recipe you like you can substitute the "flavor" ingredients pretty easily. For example, I think the recipe I use calls for Malibu rum and dried fruit. I use kaluha, choc chips and cocoa powder instead. You could use dark chocolate and coconut, add a little malibu and you're good to go! YUM. good luck!