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Oct 19, 2007 02:52 PM

Sakura House last night

I live 5 minutes away from Sakura House on Washington in MDR, and can't think why I hadn't eaten there before last night.

The menu is comprised of a large selection of skewers and a few Japanese dishes. Last night I only got round to sampling the skewers but will be back to try more stuff.

When our waitress arrived to take our order, I hadn't managed to get through the whole menu so I just rattled off several things that sounded good. Mr Boo did the same. We ended up sharing over a dozen different skewers, including 2 types of chicken wings, ginger miso beef, asparagus maki (maki here means wrapped in thin pork very similar to bacon), enoki mushroom maki, garlic sprout maki, eggplant, portobellos stuffed with mashed potato, shrimp, chicken liver, and a few other different vegetables. Everything was grilled with beautiful slightly charred outsides and juicy perfectly cooked insides. We also shared some grilled rice balls stuffed with miso and green onion.

Service was good. Only quibble was that we had a few different waitresses who didn't seem to be keeping track of what we had received and what we still had coming. No big deal, they were attentive and friendly.

Everything was very tasty and ridiculously cheap for the amount of food we ate. Total for all the above, 2 large Asahi and a green tea custard was a piddling $44. Sakura House is definitely going on our regular rotation.

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  1. Had you seen the LA Times review?

    The owner, Janis Toya worked as a waitress at a LOT of restaurants in the WLA area over the years. I recall seeing her at the Crest coffee shop on Washington Blvd. among other places. It's nice to see her having success with her own place.

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      That's a different restaurant, sorry I didn't mention the location. Sakura is a sushi place on Centinela. We went to Sakura House, the kushiyaki place on Washington across from Costco in the same strip mall as Tamara's Tamales.

      Sakura sushi sounds good from the review, I might have to try it out next!

      1. re: hrhboo

        Ah ha. Thanks. Every time I saw references to Sakura I kept on thinking it was the one I knew on Centinela.

    2. Small world, we were at Sakura House last night too. Yum-a-licious!! A bit of a drive from Pasadena on a weeknight, but SOOO worth it!

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      1. re: socalqtpi

        Small world indeed! Did you try any of the other dishes? I would love some recommendations.

        1. re: hrhboo

          I go every few weeks and have enjoyed most of the items I have tried there (with the notable exception of the crab cake appetizer sometimes offered). Among the ones which come to mind most readily, the chicken breast with ume and shiso (a frequent special), the chicken stuffed mushrooms and the chicken meatballs are quite good as well (the latter particularly with a dab of hot mustard) and I like the gyoza. There are a selection of rotating specials that are worth considering,

          1. re: hrhboo

            In addition to skewers (chicken meatballs, chicken with shiso leaf, asparagus maki, green bean maki, chicken with green onions, beef with miso sauce, eggplant & kurobuta pork sausage with bell peppers), we tried several "dainties" and other specials:
            - Fried sweet potatoes served with a sesame(?) paste dipping sauce
            - Crispy Chicken Addiction (like chicken nuggets only MUCH tastier) also with a dipping sauce, though I don't remember what it was
            - Fried Tofu with Ground Chicken & Ginger Sauce
            - Lotus Root & Eggplant with Ground Chicken

            Everything was quite good, though the lotus root wasn't the biggest hit at the table.

        2. That is good to hear- I live within walking distance of Sakura House- have been meaning to try it but have been sorely disappointed by the MDR area in general for food. I am definitely going to try this one!

          1. Went to Sakura House Sat night for a BD celebration and it was so yummy, worth the long drive. Gingko nuts, string bean maki, mushroom stuffed with potato, okra maki, shishito peppers, chicken livers, chicken wing.