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Need romantic restaurant suggestions

alison1892 Oct 19, 2007 02:04 PM

Need to take my boyfriend out for his birthday -- can be super-expensive if the food is great. Would prefer to stay east of the 405. We go to places like Grace, Jar, Lucques, etc. all the time -- I want something different and special. Any ideas?

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  1. hrhboo RE: alison1892 Oct 19, 2007 02:09 PM

    Here are just a few of the great suggestions that have come up recently. Enjoy!


    1. o
      omakase RE: alison1892 Oct 19, 2007 08:42 PM

      When are you going? Tonight? How about IL CIELO in Beverly Hills, or BRANDYWINE in Woodland Hills, or PROVIDENCE on Melrose.

      1. SauceSupreme RE: alison1892 Oct 19, 2007 09:50 PM

        For something different and special from the usual suspects, how about the Restaurant at the Getty Center.

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        1. re: SauceSupreme
          ipsedixit RE: SauceSupreme Oct 19, 2007 10:21 PM

          Does the Restaurant at the Getty Ctr count as "east of the 405"?

          1. re: ipsedixit
            maxzook RE: ipsedixit Oct 20, 2007 02:10 PM

            Well, you have to be east of the 405 to get into the parking lot.

        2. Emme RE: alison1892 Oct 20, 2007 07:48 PM

          Second Il Cielo and Little Door for romance.

          Different and special-- feed each other with your hands at Dar Maghreb or Mouns of Tunis.

          Have you done the tasting menu at Bin 8945?

          Upstairs2 has a nice feel as well.

          Room service at the Four Seasons or Hotel Bel Air?

          Progression dinner... apps at Hungry Cat, dinner at Spago, dessert at Providence?

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          1. re: Emme
            alison1892 RE: Emme Oct 21, 2007 05:53 PM

            Hi guys -- thank you for these suggestions! Not going until next week. I'm leaning toward Providence right now -- any thoughts re: Sona or Ortolan? We've been to Il Cielo, Little Door and the Getty Restaurant so those are out.

            1. re: alison1892
              PrettyPlaty RE: alison1892 Oct 21, 2007 06:59 PM

              I thought Sona was great. My BF and I went there and did the tasting paired with wine- it ranks amongst the better restaurants in our opinion and it is definitely a "special occasion" type of place, unless you can afford to drop $600 for a meal more often! The tasting was done in tandem- we were giving each other bites of what the other had. Loved it. That being said, Providence is our absolute favorite place to go for special occasion meals.

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