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Oct 19, 2007 01:52 PM

Max branch in Tribeca?

Has anyone been yet? I have always heard good things about the original in the East Village, but Tribeca is much closer to me.

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  1. We've only been there once but we enjoyed it. This isn't haut Italian - it's pretty well made comfort food served at fair prices. Hearty stuff but perfect for colder weather. (We went in the late spring just before the warm weather set in.)

    A nice place for pre dinner drinks is Walker's, a great old time saloon just a few blocks away on Varick. And BTW, Walker's makes a really nice burger as well.

    1. We order from Max's in Tribeca often. The food is tasty, the price is right, and the delivery is quick. We have actually never been to the restaurant itself.

      1. I have been to this Max twice now and really want to like it but I just don't. I have found the food to be really poor quality, the service unattentive and overall not a good experience. It's a shame, with all the good reviews I don't understand why my 2 experiences were just plain BAD (the gnocci, the broccoli rabe and the lasagna were all horrible). What am I missing with this place?