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Oct 19, 2007 01:49 PM

FellowHounds: Will be in Roseland, NJ at the end of the month. Recs?

The company is going on a business trip to Roseland, NJ for a week.

We are in dire need of quality food, and I seek your advice. Anything within 20-30 mins would be preferred (Fort Lee is a little too far...).

Is anybody knowledgeable about the area? No preference on types of food, as long as it's quality. 15-80pp. We know about the one 5* restaurant in the area, but that's not likely to happen.

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  1. A few recs to get you started, but it would help to know if you only want 5* dining, or if you have a budget, or if the only goal is good food! These are a mix:

    Chinese--Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove (Sichuan) or Noodle Chu in Parsippany (Cantonese)
    Indian--Saffron in East Hanover
    Frenchish--Restaurant Serenade in Chatham
    Jewish Deli--Eppes Essen in Livingston
    Great hot dogs with the most creative toppings anywhere--Amazing Hot Dog in Verona
    Contemporary Italian--Fascino in Montclair
    Sushi--Nori in Caldwell
    Steak--Strip House in Livingston
    If it's open by the time you're here, CRAVE in Fairfield (coming soon) has a great chef at the helm

    Roseland itself doesn't have anything that I can think of, but all of the towns listed above are within close reach. Keep in mind that many NJ restaurants are BYO wine or beer, which can be a good/bad thing in terms of business dining. You should definitely ask wherever you go!

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      Doesn't matter as long as it's tasty. We'd probably hit up the tastier spots during lunch and the 4* restaurants at night. 30-60pp average is fine, with the more expensive (80pp?) probably occurring on the last day of the trip. We'll be staying at the Wilshire Grand in West Orange. Their restaurant (primavera) we thought was pretty damn good.

    2. Tiffany's on Rt. 46 West in Pine Brook, about 10 minutes from Roseland. A terrific, fall-off-the-bone rib joint. I 2nd a trip to Amazing Hotdog! If it's stuffy, formal business lunch, don't go there. But if it's a few employees going, it's fine. Don Pepe (Spanish/Portug.) is terrific also, on Rt. 46 West also.

      1. Libretti's in orange---fairly casual italian food with many choices of very good italian food

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        1. re: robertjsweet

          bump, for we will be desperate soon

          If you guys know where this place is, we love to go to italianissimo for lunch? Anything around that area?

          1. re: ns1

            554 Nassau Street, Orange number is (973) 673-5155

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              Iirc, Italianissimo is in W. Caldwell. Don't know that it's good or bad, but a quick Google should confirm the location.

              Edited to comment on some of the other places mentioned above:
              Tiffany's is VERY casual, and imo, other than the ribs, not too great food-wise. Think Houlihan's-ish.
              Don Pepe is a good choice, and has a full liquor license.
              If you come out of the Wilshire Grand and turn left on Pleasant Valley Way, go all of 1/2 mile (just after a BK) and that's the intersection with Eagle Rock Avenue. Immediately after you go through the light, on the left, is a small strip of stores. Mark & Julie's has some truly great ice cream. Just FYI. :-)
              Haven't been to Libretti's in about 15 years, but it does still get raves. But it's old school; I'd rather hit someplace like Trattoria Fresco (a BYO) in Caldwell, which has everything from brick oven pizza to a pretty impressive menu. Not a 4*, but definitely good food.
              Restaurant Serenade or even Scalini Fedeli in Chatham would both be good choices for an excellent dinner. I suggest you start Googling some of these places so you can look at menus/atmosphere, etc. and make some reservations!

          2. Something happen to my first attempt so I'll try again:

            Head into Newark near Penn station for Portugese food (Don Pepe is the most popular but there are some other small places)

            If you want very casual Italian head to Rt 10 in Livingston for Panevino

            The following is what I would HIGHLY recommend you make the effort to get to.

            Kenilworth - Le Rendevouz - unbelievable food at very good price. It's BYO and laid back

            Also in Kenilworth - Star of India - nothing to look at but the best Indian going IMO

            These would push the travel limit but worth it:

            Chez Catherine in Westfield - French food to rival NYC

            Restaurant David Drake in Rahway - best food in the state (and they have a duck tasting menu going on right now)

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            1. re: Spiritchaser

              Cool, thanks guys. Any Japanese rec's? We've been to Tomo and uh Sukeroku (i think that's the name). Tomo was acceptable, Sukeroku was not.

              1. re: ns1

                Yuki Hama in Madison is suppose to be very good but I have not been personally.

            2. This place is great - enjoy!

              Luigi's Restaurant

              434 Ridgedale Ave
              East Hanover, NJ 07936
              (973) 887-8408