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Oct 19, 2007 01:41 PM

Best Groceries for Baking Supplies in Arlington - Alexandria?

Hi everyone,

I've recently gotten back into baking again and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a grocery store in Alexandria or Arlington that is well-stocked in terms of baking supplies. I'm looking for a place that carries things like medium rye flour, dry buttermilk, wheat bran, oat bran, sunflower seeds, malt barley, etc. The last time I was baking intensely (about 5 years ago) it was easy to find things like medium rye flour in my area (West Alexandria). This year I've been to five separate grocery stores in West Alexandria and have yet to find a store that carries it. Any store recs from the bakers out there would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would try Wegman's in Fairfax because I live in Arlington and really dislike most of the grocery stores around me for baking supplies. Harris Teeter sometimes will suprise me, but rarley, and it is so pricey. And the Giant at Bailey's Crossroads I think is one of the better of the chains of Safeway or Giants in the area. Whole foods also stocks some stuff I can't find elsewhere.

    1. I just picked up a nice rye flour in the gourmet section at the Rose Hill Safeway, so I know they carry stuff like that. They didn't, though, have shelled hazelnuts I was looking for to make a crust. Ended up at the Mediterranean Bakery on S Pickett in Alexandria. The place is a treasure trove of fine oils, spices, etc., and they had my shelled hazelnuts -- just blanched so I could roast them myself!

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        I like Dean and Deluca (technically, it is not in VA but its just over the bridge in Georgetown). Another option for finding interesting ingredients is World Market- I love to use it for the chocolate I use in baking. Often you can find several varieties at really good prices.

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          try balducci's in mclean, 6655 Old Dominion Drive.

          (703) 448-3828
          Mon-Fri 8AM to 8PM, Sat & Sun 8AM to 8PM ;
 -- there is also one in alexandria

          whole foods?

          HT on duke street?

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            Keep a sharp eye on the expiration/best by dates at that Balducci's in McLean - I bought stuff a couple weeks ago (imported dry goods from Italy) that was over a year out of date.
            Here's two mail order sources for you . . .

            Trader Joe's sells a revolving variety of baking supplies, and they have fast turnover. Bulk chocolate is a real deal there, and I'm pretty sure they sell King Arthur flour.
            And, as others have said, Whole Foods.

      2. I've found things like that at, surprisingly, Shoppers, and at Whole Foods. I don't know if there are any in West Alexandria, but there is a Shoppers in Kingstowne. The prices are better, though, at Whole Foods which also surprised me. For King Arthur flour, it's $2.79 at WF and $3.29 at Shoppers.

        1. I just came across a cute little store in Old Town Alexandria called La Cuisine. They had lots of neat stuff for bakers -- although none of what you listed for bread baking and such... mostly for pastry-making. They've got complete lines of high-end pots and pans, utensils, etc. Food-wise, they carry some nice chocolate, various sugars, a range of herbs/spices, nonpareils, and other decorations... plus some savory things like specialty pastas, anchovies, and jarred olives. Their website is, and is fairly extensive.

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            I second La Cuisine! As a bonus, the shop-keepers are uber friendly and are usually very helpful in pointing you to alternative sources!