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Oct 19, 2007 01:36 PM

Edible Glue

I'm making a centerpiece for a Hallowe'en party and I want to make flowers out of candy. Any suggestions about what I use to "glue" the candy together? I'd love to make a sugar syrup that would harden clear. I also want whatever I make to stay liquid long enough to work with but then get solid enough to hold up after I'm done.

Am I asking the impossible?

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  1. It would not be clear but you could make royal icing and tint it to match the flowers. If you are concerned about raw egg whites you can use Just Whites dehydrated egg whites.

    1. You would probably want to cook the syrup to somewhere between the hard ball and crack stages, or else stuff will be prone to drooping, especially if it's humid. And at that point of syrup-cooking, it tends to harden up quickly. A double boiler would help, but only for so long; not sure about re-melting, but it might work if you're careful. You're not asking the impossible, but you are asking for what amounts to experience working with candy, and if you remember that old I Love Lucy episode, that can get ugly fast if you're overambitious. ;)

      Otherwise, I'd google around a bit and look at some cake decorating supply sites, there may be a commercial product that suits your need...

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        I googled around and saw some ideas (including several recommendations to use Elmers since it's non-toxic - yech!). One site claimed that marshmallow fluff hardens quickly and works well as a glue. Since I've never bought (or to my knowlegde eaten) marshmallow fluff I'm skeptical about that - Has anyone got any experience with it?

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          Well, if white is OK, I'd use the royal icing Candy recommended, much easier to work with and while a little brittle when dry, it dries very hard if that's an advantage for whatever exactly you have in mind.

          As for fluff, I only ever use it by the whole jarful all at once to make faux fudge so I don't really know much about it's "behavior" in general but I think it'd take a very long time to set up unless you spread it out on a plate or something to partially dry before applying it. Not worth the PITA if you ask me.

          On the other hand, if you're applying candy to some kind of "form" (a pattern, or branch or something), it might be easier all around to just spread a layer of fluff all over it, it'd definitely stay soft enough to work with over a large area at a time which might be a plus. Royal icing dries too fast for that, so you'd have to do each piece or a small area at a time.