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Oct 19, 2007 01:15 PM

Chinese restaurants, Mountain View or Sunnyvale

I just moved into the area and am looking for suggestions for good Chinese food hereabouts. Tips on other Asian or any general favorites are appreciated also. Thanks to all in advance!

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  1. my favorite place for general chinese food is hunan chili in mountain view. they do authentic dishes and some really original ones as well. my favorite dim sum place is in cupertino and is diagonally across the street from the ranch 99 center. TK Noodles is a good and cheap chain for noodle soup, taro and daikon cakes. I lived in Sunnyvale for 17 years and really didn't find any Chinese places there that were great, and went to San Jose, Mountain View and Cupertino for better eats. Hope that helps. Just ask if you would like more specific types of cuisine.

    1. Hujiang in Cupertino Village for XLB is also worth checking out.
      Hana on Saratoga Avenue (by Mitsuwa supermarket) for dumpling, onion pancakes

      1. Cupertino Village is your best bet but in Mountain View itself, skip Castro Street and go to Su Hong Palo Alto (not the Menlo Park one).

        The XLB are excellent (all except once where it was super busy and they were oversteamed) and if you get the all chinese menu, there are some excellent choices on it. The sauteed loofa squash with bean curd puff is excellent, there is a braised pork dish with bean curd that's good, along with beef sauteed with yellow chives and bean curd.

        I've included the website but the online menu doesn't show any of the all chinese items.

        1. Castro Street is full of Chinese and Asian places as well as Wynn's of Moffitt Blvd.

          I am still checking out the menu at Wynn's, had two dinners and one lunch. There were over one hundred items which I can not try by myself. The wait staff speaks good English.

          1. Castro Street in Mountain View is a wonderful place for Chinese food. I'm fond of pretty much everything at Queen's House (which is Taiwanese), but you should also try the northern-style Chinese at Cafe Yulong (e.g. fish jiao zi). The folks at Chef Liu are really friendly. I've also had good meals at Hunan Chili and New China Delight.

            Near Castro Street, on El Camino Real, is Shanghai Taste Delight. Absolutely worth checking out, especially if you can read their secret menu.

            My favorite Chinese restaurant in Sunnyvale is PF Chang's. Just kidding! Actually, it's Windsor Fish and Chips, on Old San Francisco Road. Good Taiwanese food! Gotta love those pig ears!

            I believe the dim sum place in Cupertino mentioned by lj2899 is Pan Tao.

            Cafe Yulong
            743 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041

            Queen's House
            273 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

            Windsor Fish & Chips
            876 Old San Francisco Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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              Also, there is a mom and pop Shanghai-style restaurant on the corner of Rengsdorf and Central that is really good. It is behind the Shell Gas Station. I don't know the name of the restaurant.

              Fu Lang Mun on Castro Street has a late-night menu--all items $5 or $6 after 9 p.m. It's a steal deal.

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                My husband just rented a place in Mountain View for his new job. When we were driving down Castro Street, I was surprised to see how many Chinese places were crammed into just a few blocks, although I wondered if they might be more Americanized Chinese. We didn't actually try any, but his new landlords, who are Chinese, said they had dumplings for lunch at Queen's (mentioned above) and that it was very good. Looking forward to checking it out as I love dumplings.

                I have to issue a caveat on the pho place, though - the WORST pho I've ever had. When my pho arrived I was occupied with the (tasteless) summer rolls, and I instinctively pushed the bowl away because the smell was bothering me. The broth was awful, I got pho tai and the rare beef was incredibly tough. Pathetic herb plate with just basil, bean sprouts and lime. Ugh.

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                  Definitely avoid both pho places in the Castro St. area if you want good pho. One is just a chain outlet and the other has a scary history of uncleanliness.