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Oct 19, 2007 01:03 PM

T.G. Express?

Does anyone know anything about T.G. Express on West 3rd? I got a menu under my door and it looks great (cheap, interesting, and cheap). Before I jump in and order the spicy pumpkin with eggplant and have it delivered (free) to my door, is there anything I should know?


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  1. If this is a Thai delivery place,they used to be up on Sunset at about Gower, about a decade ago. No idea if it's still the same folks of if they simply bought the name. Was similar to a lot of other Thai delivery in the neighborhood; pretty good when it comes to your door, though not something I'd have driven many miles for. . .

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      Hmm. Never made the connection. T.G. Express opened up on 3rd St., in the mid-90s which might be the same time T.G. Express left Hollywood. Anyway I found the 3rd St. location pedestrian Thai food, but that was back when they opened there.

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        ok. I used to live in a frat house. We would order TG express because they were the only thing that would deliver at 1am on Friday night. Some of the guys LIVED off the stuff for months.

        We've pretty much eaten everything on that menu. The thai sticks are good if you have the munchies, albeit expensive. The fried rice is edible, same with the pad thai and uh pad see ew (i think?)

        Edible. If you are intoxicated. And it's 1am.

        Do not put any of it in the fridge. It has a half life of 2 hours.

        Seriously, as a CH'er, you have to be absolutely DESPERATE to call this place for food.

    2. I remember years ago when Ilived in Hollywood, they delivered very late, maybe 3am. Their friend apps were pretty ok, but that was about it.

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        I ordered from them for years when I lived in the mid-Wilshire area. I loved their Tom Kum Kai (sp?) the lemongrass coconut soup. I thought the food was very good. They used to deliver in Laurel Canyon, but sadly stopped.