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Oct 19, 2007 01:02 PM

Hamilton Township, NJ Cafes?


I'm looking to hold a small focus group (8 people) at a Hamilton Township, NJ area cafe or restaurant. Can anyone recommend a good cafe or small restaurant in that town or a nearby town?

Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

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  1. Rat's, at the Grounds for Sculpture has a private "Wine Room" that's great for meetings.

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    1. re: cranrob

      Unless your client is Google you will be hard-pressed to afford Rat's for a small focus group. If you need a private room, your choices will be limited. Also, what time of day are you seeking? There are some decent options along Rte 130 or Quakerbridge Road, but their availability at lunchtime is questionable.

    2. Which Hamilton? The one in Mercer Cty, or the one in Southern NJ?

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      1. re: TomDel

        The one in Mercer County near Princeton.

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          If you need a room for the entire day, you might be better off booking a conference room at one of the hotels on Route 1 between Trenton and Princeton. I’m sure that most of them could also cater coffee/tea and danish etc., in the morning and either serve lunch in the conference room or the group could retire to the dining room. There’s a Hilton, a Marriot and others on this stretch of Route 1 and the area borders Hamilton Township.

      2. Mercer County College has a corporate business center that was built recently; they have many meeting room options and can cater. Price for the meeting rooms was pretty reasonable when I checked about 2 years ago, they had a conference room setup which would probably fit the bill.
        None of the restaurants in the area are really capable of meeting your needs.

        1. Go to Mastoris in Bordentown on route 130 south . It's five mins away and beautiful, plus affordable...DEB

          1. Try Tessara Restaurant on Route 33. The food is amazing, and I'm sure the owners can accomodate your party. Their number is (609) 584-1700.

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              Don't try Tessara I was there the other day and I said my food was over cooked and the owner came to our table and actually cut up the food with his hands and even ate from it and was very rude and loud. I had never in my life had seen anything like it. And all this for a $7.95 dinner. So don't go threw the same thing we went threw.