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Oct 19, 2007 12:55 PM

Indulge Asian Buffet -- updates

Indulge is in Belmont, corner of El Camino in Ralston. I have been there 6 or 7 times and have always thought it was a bargain -- I believe $9 for lunch. Just got back again today, and the food/variety was consistently at least decent, and for the money, very good.

Rundown: this place has a sushi area, hot foods area, soup area, and desserts.

Sushi: OK to good ... certainly comparable to the low-mid end of Sushimonsters list. Today, fresh tuna, salmon, shrimp plus requisite rolls. Wasaki has gone thru the blender and is too dense. Fresh ginger and kim chee as well.

Soups: Decent. Kind of a build-your-own approach. 3 different broths including hot & sour, winter melon, and velvet corn. Won tons, green onions etc in separate bins, so it's possible to mix and match.

Hot Foods: Seem to vary in quality with each visit. Today the pork and BBQ chicken were excellent. Fresh veggies ... bok choy and broccoli predictably overcooked. Average pot stickers, sui mei, eggrolls. Low-quality crablegs. Probably 20 other dishes ... some like the tofu and black mushrooms are quite good. All suffer from the standard buffet "not hot enough" problem. Also today, they served a wide variety of tempura vegetables which, if you caught them right out of the kitchen, were excellent -- comparable in quality to the tempura at fuki sushi and actually better than Akane in Los Altos. The tempura dishes at the late lamented Sushi-Ya are my standard here.

Desserts: steamed dessert buns, fruit, various jellos, cookies ... nothing special.

Service: A+ .... Service in my experience is usually totally lacking at Asian buffets. Indulge is a very pleasant surprise. The longest a dirty plate say on our table was perhaps 15 seconds. Teapot and water glasses continually refilled. Must have been thanked 45 or 6 times on the way out. Really surprising and a huge plus for me.

On Friday at noon, the place was maybe 2/3 full. I don't get it. Decent food, great service, good pricing. Love to hear others' experiences here.

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  1. The staff is the same but they have new owner and lower prices. The name in Chinese has changed. Food is mostly the same at lower prices.

    I too will be back.

    I like the small size of sushi compare to other buffets.

    1. I went there last night with my parents and the room never really filled up while we were there. I thought the sushi and tuna sashimi was pretty decent for a buffet but my parents were not really impressed with the hot food quality with many of the items overcooked. Though we could figure out the dishes, I wish the dishes were labeled. They did like the papaya, "snow ear" sweet soup dessert but the red bean dessert had too much seaweed.

      I was impressed that immediately after being seated, the waiter brought out individual bowls of a restorative ginseng, chicken and pork (?) soup. Looking around the room, our table and another table were the only ones served this soup. My parents thought this was a very nice touch.

      And like doc said, as we were leaving, pretty much the entire staff thanked us. Overall, we won't go out of our way to eat here but it is decent if you're in the area.

      1. doc and manda
        Excellent review. You both gave me a real sense of the food and the service

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          What is the price now ?


          1. re: Han

            For dinner, we paid $17.99 pp. Beverages are extra.

            1. re: Han

              Lunch is either $7.99 or $8.99, can't recall exactly