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Oct 19, 2007 11:22 AM

Salad at end of meal?

Hi, a Canadian friend whose parents came from England like to have the salad at the end of the main course, if he can. Is that more an at-home thing? British, or Canadian?

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  1. I am English and am used to salad with your meal not first as in the US. Not seen it after a meal.

    1. I am Canadian, and lived in Britain, and enjoy salad at the end of the main course when at home.

      1. Italians definitely eat their salad (just tossed greens in olive oil and red wine vinegar) at the end of their meal) at home.
        Canadians - well it depends on your heritage beyond Canada. In my experience, the majority eat their salad before the main course.

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          It's also served at the end of a restaurant meal in Italy, although last time I was there some tourist-area restaurants down the coast from Genoa were making it available as an opener.

          At home in Illinois, it was usually served with the meal - as was everything else but dessert. At my in-laws' house, following French custom, it's served between the main course and dessert.

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            We've always eaten it after the main course, before the dessert.

          2. I always think people should search the site before they ask a question, and here I go doing the opposite! found this previous topic


            1. When I was living in France as a student, salads were eaten at the end of the main course and before the cheese course. This was in restaurants and at home, which was a very middle class home. So it could be a Canadian thing, via France. Of course in the states, it drives my friends crazy when I save my salad to eat after dinner, but hey to each her own.