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Oct 19, 2007 11:02 AM

Sushi on Smith Street

Any suggestions for japanese esp. sushi in Boerum/Cobble Hill? I really like Ki and recently checked out Hibino, which I also thought was fantastic. Am I missing out on anything?

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  1. No, you pretty much have the two winners. Some on the list also like Cube 63 on Court St. I feel like Osaka has gone downhill over the past couple years. Some of the others are serviceable, but that's it.

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    1. re: bhill

      Thanks. I have been noticing a proliferation of new japanese places and I don't really get how they're all going to stay afloat. How much mediocre sushi can one neighborhood consume?

      1. re: frostnip

        I still haven't tried Ki, but I have probably been to Cube 63 20+ times and consider it my favorite casual sushi place, not just in Brooklyn but anywhere. It is consistently fresh, delicious, has a nice atmosphere and has excellent service.

    2. I'd add Cube 63 to the list for sure. Those are my 3 favorites.

      Osaka can be superb or so-so. Granted I've only been twice and had opposite experiences.

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        I found Ki that way; one time we went and it was great, the next just OK - it happens. Restaurants, like people, can be off sometimes so we just took it in stride.

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          true enough. we haven't written it off, we were just disappointed...we discovered white salmon there the first visit, which I'm totally in love with. The second visit, they were out and nothing tasted as fresh. And there were too many flies buzzing around which kinda put me off.

      2. What Smith or Court St. place would you recommend for a sushi neophyte? My SO has never had sushi and is willing but a bit apprehensive about trying it. I like it, but am not terribly adventurous myself. For this first time, I'd like to take him to a reasonably-priced place where the atmosphere won't be too snooty. And if they have other dishes on the menu that would probably be good too, in case he needs a back-up!

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          I've never found any of the sushi places in the area to be snobby. He might be intimidated by Hibino, as its more hardcore on the non sushi Japanese dishes. But they do have plenty of non sushi options (and if he likes tofu, it's actually a great choice, they make it fresh).

          Cube 63 and Ki both have plenty of cooked options, really most sushi places do. And both have a 'trendy' vibe but not at all intimidating. He might find it fun to sit at the sushi bar in either of them, to see it all being prepared and get a better understanding of sushi.

          And my advice, as one married to a huge sushi fan who didn't start that way (british and 9 yrs ago they weren't eating a lot of sushi in wales...), is be patient / start slow. Encourage your SO to keep trying something new each time. I'm working on doing the same with my mother. So get some basics like california roll or shrimp sushi, that are cooked and totally easy to like. And then order a couple of more adventurous things to be tried (spicy crunchy tuna roll, that sort of thing...and maybe throw in some sushi/sashimi of the tuna/salmon variety). I think if you force the more adventurous sushi on people too fast it can turn them off...