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Oct 19, 2007 10:59 AM

Need LSU Football chant with "boudin" in it

Does anyone out there know the words to an LSU football chant that mentions several foods? I know one of them is boudin. One might be grits and cochon might be mentioned as well. Need this for a program at work. Go Tigers!

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  1. I think a new and revised version also has the word "choke" in it...


    1. Whenever Tulane gets crushed by LSU our chant turns to "S.A.T. SCORES." Perhaps you could google SAT and go from there?

      Example: A goose is to foie gras as a tiger is to:

      a. stuffed b. liver c. mmm mmm tasty d. all of the above.

      1. Hot boudin!
        Cold coushe-coushe!
        Allons, Tigres!
        Push, push, push!!! (pronounced "poosh, poosh, poosh" to rhyme with coushe-coushe.

        Now, since fewer speak French than when I went to LSU, and NEVER missed a home game in Death Valley, "Allons, Tigres" is "Come on, Tigers!"

        Are there any other schools that cheer about food? Only in South Louisiana?

        1. boudin, boudin say dey gonna beat dem tigers.


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          1. re: diobahn

            That sounds like the old Saints Who Dat? cheer...

            1. re: MakingSense

              ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the Saints ain't got no boudin, cher

              1. re: diobahn

                we've eaten lots of boudin while watching Saints games since they played at the old Tulane Stadium Uptown in the 60s.

                The cheer you may be thinking of - in the very best Yat accent you can manage - goes like this:

                Who dat, Who dat,
                Who dat think
                dey gonna beat dem Saints?

                Unfortunately, too many people think dey will and dey do - year after year and dis year don't look like it gonna be no diff'rent.