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Oct 19, 2007 10:55 AM

Cityfish in Thornton Park

Any 'hounds eaten here yet?

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  1. Is that the place where the coffee shop used to be?

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    1. re: katygirl

      It's where central city market used to be!!!

      1. re: katygirl

        Aroma is in the old Coffee House of Thornton Park space ... owned by former owners of Bravissimo. Killer wine list (try the Amarone ... $18/glass and worth every penny).

        1. re: waffle789

          So many new places to try! These are on my list!
          Speaking of Italian, I did try Adriatico Trattoria in College Park last week. Very classical Italian. Also a great wine list, and I'll one up you with a Ripassa!
          On a serious note the food was fantastic, I had the Veal Rack.

          1. re: katygirl

            I agree with you Katy but my concern is can Orlando support all these fresh new restaurants in its city core and surrounding neighborhoods! I love the menu at cityfish and also at "the Pig" over in Winter Park and Adriatico sounds wonderful, but I hear there is a new steakhouse destined for Church Street Station (from the Spice Steakhouse Guys) along with Ceviche in the old Pearl Steakhouse space. Just seems like quite a dining load for the downtown district. I would love to see some of the chains over on colonial go away if it would ensure success of these newer establishments especially those by the independents. I guess I can only hope we are able to sustain them. I would feel better if we had a few more Hotels in the downtown core to feed these places. Nevertheless it should make for some great dining and force these restaurants to put a quality product out with more competition coming there way. Personally I here the Tapas place (Ceviche) is suppose to be great. I am especially excited about it. I hope it translates well over here.

            1. re: theflytyr

              I've lived Downtown for years and am thrilled for some new choices. I end up at Dexters way too often (which isn't a bad thing!). I like seeing the "revitalization" of downtown and the ever expanding skyline. I guess time will tell what stays and what the meantime its' nice to have the variety. I've also heard good things about Ceviche and Spice (on Lake Eola). On my walk this morning I popped my head into Cityfish and the menu looked good (especially brunch). Also checked out Aroma which seems to be more of a wine/coffee bar, but i love that they will be open "late night" on the weekends.

              1. re: theflytyr

                flytyr, have you eaten at Cityfish?

                1. re: waffle789

                  I have not, but I must say the menu looks inviting. To me there is really nothing like it down there so it seems like a nice addition!

                  1. re: theflytyr

                    thanks, flytyr. i've called a few times but have never gotten an answer -- wasn't sure if perhaps they were not actually open yet.

              2. re: katygirl

                I went to Adriatico last week. The fagiole soup was fantastic. The daily special was a Swordfish with a side of pasta. The fish was fishy tasting. (I normally avoid swordfish for this reason. The Tiramisu for dessert was very tasty, but was way over priced at $6 for the size of piece served. Went to Nonna, down the street, last week as well. Of the two, I'd suggest Nonna.

                1. re: herbert1

                  Nonna is on my list! Is it owned by the guy that owns K?

                  1. re: katygirl

                    Yes Kevin Fonzo. They are having the 'Feast of Fonzo' on Nov 15th this year at Nonna. It's a blast. I think $55 per person for a bunch of family served style dishes. I think they still have openings, for the dinner so give them a call if interested.

                    1. re: herbert1

                      Thanks for the heads-up! I'm waiting for a call back tomorrow to see if I got on the list...Do you know if it includes wine? (Besides the champagne toast?)

                      1. re: katygirl

                        Previously it has included wine. I talked to Nonna yesterday the feast is sold out they are putting people on a waiting list. How many people will you need to get a reservation for? I might be cancelling my 2 spots... My date can't make it that night, so I am thinking of going solo or cancelling all together.

                        1. re: herbert1

                          Apparently they've had some cancelations so I'm all good!
                          And yes, it does include wine. Woo Hoo-I'm excited!

          2. i ate there last night... loved it! had the broiled scallops, yum! the hushpuppies were awesome. coldest beer in town...the foam was a frozen iceberg!

            1. I *finallly* ventured into Cityfish for lunch yesterday at noon for a business lunch. The outside tables were running at about 90% capacity so we chose a table inside, near the windows. The service was prompt enough, but none of us could get over the fact that there were at least 5-10 dead flies in the windowsill (on the inside) and about 5-10 more flies flying around near the windows. I understand that it was a nice day out, but keeping the doors open at the expense of the flies (for an "upscale"ish) restaurant is really unbelievable.

              Anyhow, we each started off with soups - I opted for the gumbo and others went with the New England clam chowder. Both were really good -- well balanced flavors and lots of chunks of clam (in the chowder) and sausage and seafood in the gumbo. Definitely off to a good start.

              I had the mahi for an entree -- which, at $14, is a a good deal, but honestly a bit more than I'd like to spend at lunch. Other fresh fish prices ranged from $15-20 for about a 4-6 ounce cut. The fish was expertly prepared, but woefully underseasoned. I dont expect much by way of seasoning, but a little salt and pepper or lemon wouldve helped. The vegetables were great, though -- each lightly charred/grilled. The hush puppies, unfortunately, left much to be desired -- they were dense, heavy, and fried in the same oil as their fried fish dishes so you initially got a hit of dirty oil and fishiness then worked hard to penetrate the hush puppy interior.

              I'm sure I'll return as its a great change to the downtown dining scene, but I really dont expect the restaurant to be around too long considering its prices -- the best deals were the fried fish sandwiches, and in the "scene" that is Thornton Park - those sandwiches alone won't keep them in business. I hope I'm wrong, though.

              1. Just hit Cityfish for late lunch yesterday.  It had a decent crowd when I arrived at 1PM and then got more crowded in their "second" lunch rush.  

                I ordered the clam chowder to start, which was very good.  Not too creamy and heavy, nice flavorful and creamy base, very tender clams and nice potatoes.  We went casual for the lunch, friend ordered fish and chips, I had a bloody mary and an Oyster Po Boy.  Neither of us usually eat fried food, so I have no idea what got into us. :)

                Fish and chips were nice, not greasy and nice chunks/planks of cod, very good.  My friend is a New Englander and she was very pleased with the cod as well as the chowder.  Fries were nothing special, but they were perked up by the malt vinegar on the table- which I never see down here.  

                Oyster Po Boy was good, for being in FL.  The oysters were a bit petite, a shame, but there were a ton of them which almost made up for the size.  Oysters were on a nice Par Baked Crusty Bagette-like roll and served with fries. Both entrees were appropriately priced, $10 - $11, I think.  The chowder came in a nice sized bowl/crock for $5.  I noted the lobster roll was a whopping $22, a price I have never seen in Maine, Boston, Cape Cod or anywhere else.  

                I tried a Bloody Mary since I had the afternoon off and spicy is the way to go.  Tasty and spicy, however, smaller than the Dexters BM right around the corner for the same price $4 during their various specials. Interestingly, Cityfish does offer an all day Happy Hour on select beers and drinks, ($2 mimosas all day!)  I wonder how that will cut into Dexter's bar business?  

                I checked out the Brunch menu and I'll be back to try it out.  The Brunch offers a very nice mix of breakfast items, traditional offerings of French Toast, various skillets, Eggs Benedict as well as some unique entrees with a seafood spin (Lobster omelet, Seafood Benedict).  Good prices, no buffet, order your entree off the menu.  Brunch is offered both Saturday and Sunday until 2PM.


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                  Hit brunch before the holidays, it was good! Worth a check out and plenty of options for people seeking breakfast or lunch items....or items not related to seafood.